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MEET MISNEACH Michael D Higgins beams as he brings new Presidential pup for walk on grounds of Aras an Uachtarain

There’s a new puppy in town, and it looks like Michael D. Higgins is just as excited as the rest of the country.

Last week, the President was seen walking with his right-hand dog Bród and a new Bernese Mountain Dog at ras an Uachtaráin.


michael d higgins new dog


President Obama’s new pet is a five-month-old dog named Misneach, according to a spokesman for the White House earlier this week.

President Obama is training a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, according to an aide. The President named him ‘Misneach,’ which means ‘courage,’ when he was five months old because of the times we live in.

On Ara’s grounds, the 79-year-old was seen walking his two pets with his wife Sabina.

For those who are already in love with Misneach, these photographs portray an exuberant President who appears to share their sentiments.

All of Michael D’s family pets have Irish names like Bród, which means “pride,” and Soda, which means “silk.”

Misneach is expected to be Bród’s companion after Sioda’s death last year following a brief illness.

After Sioda’s death, a mural was painted in Ringsend as a homage to the adored dog on social media.


michael d higgins new dog


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