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MICE AND FREEZY My kids are sick from mice-infested council house that’s been left without heating for WEEKS – no one will help

Sick kids from a mouse-infested council residence that was left without warmth for WEEKS.

Claire, 31, has “pumped every last euro she has” into electric fans to keep her four children warm in Ely, Cambridgeshire.
When the heating went out on December 21, Claire contacted Sanctuary’s emergency repair number.

Workers claimed the boiler’s control panel needed changing, which Claire described as “as enthusiastic as a pig to slaughter.”
“I have dinner tonight, however…”

“I’m exhausted and defeated. I’m sick of waiting till February.”

Her problems began when the power went out in December.

Claudine ad “We lost electricity and when we got it back, the boiler wouldn’t turn on.

“So I called for emergency repairs, but no one came. The old boiler control panel needed to be replaced.”

Claire had to consult Environmental Health to fix the problem. On Tuesday, workers re-started the heating.

For the heating, Sanctuary has offered Claire £40 a day up to a maximum of £100.

“I’m not sure how much extra I utilised. Christmas was cold “Added her
“It’s a four hour task love, won’t be done by Christmas,” said one unenthusiastic repairman.

Violet, 2, has a chesty cough and a fever the day before Christmas due to no heating. Bobby, age 8, caught the illness this week.

Sanctuary gave six electric fan heaters that the woman keeps running all day to keep her kids warm.

Animal Control told Claire she had to pay to have mice removed from the home.

Claudine ad “I’m stunned. Our home is old. The draught makes the drapes move.

“My daughter was coughing and hot under a blanket. It began on Christmas Eve.

“And my son missed school due to illness. He coughs chesty. It’s from no heating.”

Sanctuary said: “In the event that we could not complete repairs that day, we offered the tenant with temporary heaters.

“We fixed it Tuesday (4 January).

[Tenant] and we decided to return tomorrow (7 January) to fix the electrics and discuss any additional issues.

CLARICE TOLD THE SUN ON “I’ve spent every money I have on heating. I am now penniless.