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Melisa Dongel Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2022

Melisa Dongle is a Turkish model and actress known for Sen Cal Kapimi, Our Story, and Elif. Melisa is from Istanbul. In You Knock on My Door, she played Caren Basar. Our Story and Elif feature her.

Because she loved acting since childhood, she studied at Osman Yamoridireli Academy of Arts, took basic acting classes, and attended Hilal Saral Workshops.

Worked as a model and tried to combine acting and modeling, she developed herself since her first job and gave many speeches to start acting professionally.

Melisa Dongel Workout Routine

Melisa Dongle is a model and actress who is well-known for the roles she has played and the unexpected body shape she has. She must spend hours in the gym to maintain her incredible physique. Continue reading if you are interested in gaining knowledge about Melisa Dongel’s day-to-day activities and the exercise routine that she follows to maintain her healthy lifestyle.


Melisa Dongel


Jumping Rope

Melisa Dongle keeps fit by doing 1000 jump ropes daily. Melisa Dongle has committed to this, so her cardio workout is impossible. It depends on the person’s metabolism and weight, but jumping 1000 times can burn 170–200 calories.


Melisa Dongle enjoys yoga and sports. Due to increased work, she can’t play much sport. Yoga is her main workout and keeps her fit. Every morning, do 60-90 minutes of yoga. It gives you a slim body, thin waistline, toned body, and nicely-shaped butt and core. It makes your body more elastic, burns calories, and boosts your metabolism. Yoga has countless benefits.

Melisa Dongel Diet Plan

Melisa Dongel diet includes:


  • Eggs
  • Avocado toast
  •  Juice


  • Fruit smoothies


  • Chicken breast
  • Veggies
  • A small bowl of rice

Evening Snack

  • Salad


  • Salmon salad or wholegrain pasta

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