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MEETING CLAIM Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder suspect Ian Bailey refuses to comment on claims he met her year before killing 2022

Ian Bailey has refused to comment on reports he met SOPHIE Toscan du Plantier a year before her death.

Former journalist Bailey claims they never met.


Ian Bailey


On Cape Clear Island, the gardai say they met in 1995, but they’re currently looking into that claim.

Photo evidence taken at a festival near Cork, the Gardai have begun looking into his allegation that the two have never met.

Expert cold-case detectives in Dublin have finished their preliminary review, according to reports.

Garda Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll will be notified of the incident. He will then decide whether or not a new investigation is necessary.

According to the Irish Sun, Bailey had no remark to make on the fresh claims when they contacted him.

A statement from Schull resident Mark McCarthy, made on October 3, 1997, was discovered by Pearse Street gardai working on a cold case.


Sophie Toscan


“I’ve known Ian Bailey for five years now,” he says. He is a British journalist. He is also a poet in his 40s.

The last time I saw him on the RTÉ news, he said that he had never met the woman, and I’m referring to Sophie Du Plantier here.”

“This seemed odd to me because I had attended a storytelling festival at Cape Clear in the summer of 1995. Ian Bailey and Sophie du Plantier, a French woman, were also present.

At the time, I was unaware of Sophie du Plantier, but when I saw her images in the press and on television, I recognized her.

The identical woman who was at the festival that summer was, without a doubt, this woman.

During the event, I noticed her chatting with Ian Bailey. However, it was an occasion where everyone chatted to everyone else, so I’m not sure what they were saying.

In December 1996, a murderer struck at the Schull vacation property of Ms. Toscan du Plantier.

Her murder has never been prosecuted, and no one has ever been charged. In 2019, a French court found Ian Bailey guilty of her murder in absentia, despite the fact that he had consistently denied any wrongdoing.


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