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Max Holloway Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2022

Max Holloway is a UFC featherweight competitor. Max Holloway won the featherweight title in 2017.

Even though Max Holloway is well-known for his speed, fighting prowess, and agility, none of that comes naturally to him.


Max Holloway


The Max Holloway workout and the Max Holloway nutrition plan are both available for your perusal.


Body Stats

Height 5 ft 10-11 inch
Weight 66 kg
Age 30 years
Chest 42
Waist 30
Hips 13-14 inch


Workout Routine

In the octagon, Max Holloway is recognized for his agility and quickness. Champion of the featherweight division from 2017 onwards As someone who has competed in the sport for almost a decade, Max Holloway has seen and trained in a great deal. For more information on how he maintains such a high level of physical fitness and athleticism, continue reading.

I’m going to go over everything Max Holloway does to keep in shape and athletic. When it comes to fighting, Max Holloway trains very hard. Workouts such as these might help you prepare for MMA and other contact sports like wrestling and boxing. Basically, it’s a lot like what most boxers do in their regimen.

Jiu-Jitsu was also a part of Max Holloway’s workout routine. That aids him both in his MMA bouts and in his training routines. It’s important to focus on developing your endurance movement speed and getting a lot of Med Ball sessions in, as well as working on your boxing, jiu-jitsu, and another training routine. Make sure to work out only five days a week, as your body will require a lot of recovery after this intense workout. Working out this way is part of the routine:

Workout 1:  Workout for the core and hips for an hour with med balls, box jumps, and other exercises.

Workout 2: Agility, lateral, linear, and reflex drills, for example.

Workout 3: Focusing on your power, core, endurance, and body toning through various total-body workouts.

Workout 4: A mixed martial arts training regimen that includes sparring, heavy bag sessions, boxing, etc.

Despite the fact that I can’t give you much information about another regimen, I can still give you a good workout that you can follow in order to improve your strength and conditioning.

Max Holloway’s workout includes:


Max Holloway Workout

Dynamic warm-up

Claws of a bear.
Knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
Arm motions.
Squats in the air.

Sets: 3

Reps: 45 second


200-meter dash.
45s air bike.
30s combat rope.
30 s jump rope.

Rounds: 5

Rest Time: 15 seconds


8-min EMOM barbell complex, Spartan makers

Power cleans.
Front squats.
Push press.

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

Tuesday & Friday 

Handstand curls with a dumbbell.
Push-ups to squats.
Wire snares.
Shoulder press with curved arms.
Swings of the kettlebells.

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds


Foam roller for SMR muscle stimulation (Do it for 5 minutes and target as many muscles as you can).
HIIT training (45 seconds on 15 seconds off for five sets).

Gluteal artery and vein bridge (with barbell).
Leg swing to the side.
The arm begins to swivel.
A new take on the standard lunge (weight plate).

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds


Rotational toss using a medium ball.
Throw the medicine ball overhead.
“Med Ball Slams.”
Landmines are being pushed to the front.
Pulls for the rack.
Greetings from Barbell in the morning.

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

Core workout (after every MMA routine)

Crunches x 20.
Cross crunches x 20.
Leg raises x 15.
Russian twist x 20.
Side plank x 40 seconds.
Plank hold x till failure.

Sets: 4

That’s all for the Max Holloway workout routine.

Max Holloway Diet Plan

In an interview with GQ magazine, Max Holloway explains why his diet continues changing. Max Holloway, on the other hand, discusses how it often works when it comes to training. Prior to a workout, athletes will eat more carbs if they are working out harder than normal.

The more intensive the workout, the more protein-heavy the meal will be. During the first day, Max Holloway says he enjoys eating protein pancakes. Additionally, Max Holloway describes the rest of the meals, which often contain two options for protein and carbs, which Max Holloway alters up depending on the day.

Max Holloway’s diet includes:

Is Max Holloway a Vegan?

No, Max Holloway is not a Vegan.


Scattered egg whites in a pan.
Oatmeal or turkey breast.


Protein shake.


Fish or 90% lean steak.


Fish, chicken, or 90% lean steak.

That’s all for the Max Holloway diet plan.


Max Holloway


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