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Man who took uncle into Carlow post office to collect his pension ‘didn’t know he was dead’

Insists he didn’t rob his late uncle by bringing him to a post office to receive his pension. “I’m no eejit.”

Declan Haughney said he and another guy didn’t know Peadar Doyle, 66, was dead when they took him to the Hoseys Post Office to collect his pension last Friday morning.
Declan, 40, who has lived with his uncle all his life, claims he is now “the talk of the town” and a “murderer” by the local community.

His aunt had accused him of robbing his pension, but he argued he’s “not an eejit” and dragged his dead uncle into a post office to do it.

“Why would I rob my uncle?” he asked. I’m 40 years old, therefore I’m not a kid or a young man. To go into Hoseys with a dead man and collect his money is rude. Am I mad? Am I mad? “No.”
Declan, who admits to having a drug problem and serving two years in prison, says he is now being accused of bringing his deceased uncle in to collect his pension.

“That’s why people say it, that’s why it’s all coming up now,” he said. So I obtained a bank card through the aunt’s door, acquired the pin number, and went down for fraud.

“People in town know about it. But that was 15. The gear is gone and I’m doing well.”
Declan, who was allegedly attacked after the event last Friday, believes his uncle died before he got to the post office.
Declan believes Peadar was already dead by the time he and another man got him beneath the Pollerton Road bridge, but they dragged him to the post office by his arms.
So we linked him there. He was normal walking until he died.

“He started dragging his heels from you see the yellow sign there? But we didn’t even consider it. We were having fun when he suddenly slumped.

“We didn’t think much of it because Peadar had heart attacks.”

Once inside the post office, Peadar alleges his uncle immediately “dropped” to the ground, and he realised he was dead.

“We got to the queue,” he continued. When we got to the queue, we let him go and he immediately fell. He just dropped.