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Maggie Q Weight Loss: Workout, Age and Height

Margaret Denise Quigley isn’t as well-known as other American actors.

Maggie Q is an American film and TV actress. She models.

She once wanted to be a veterinary scientist but lacked the funds. Following her dreams, she left Honolulu.

She started modeling in Tokyo.

In Hong Kong, she met Jackie Chan, who liked her. He gave her action star training.

House of the Dragon was her first film. Gen-Y-Cops followed the Model from Hell.

She then appeared in Rush Hour 2. Since then, she’s worked in American and Chinese films.

Maggie Q Workout

Maggie is a PETA activist who promotes vegetarianism.

She stopped eating meat.

PETA named her one of 2017’s “sexiest vegans.” It seems so.

She’s had several relationships but isn’t married. Her Pound Ridge, NY apartment

Workout Principles of Maggie Q

Maggie is a tomboy. She works out frequently to stay fit. See her hot body?

Her exercise pays off.

She’s in great shape thanks to high-intensity cardio and core strength workouts.

She exercises holistically. She fixes her body from the inside out, so she eats well.

Despite her busy schedule, she fits in with hiking, yoga, and boxing.

Maggie Q Training Methods

Maggie doesn’t do circuit training.

She believes in daily workouts. Swimming, yoga, MMA, spin, boxing, and Pilates are included.

She runs. She likes soccer, basketball, and tennis.

She believes in balance and meditates to recharge and calm her mind.

Maggie Q Workout Routine

Maggie enjoys working out on a daily basis and is always looking for new workouts and ways to mix things up in her workouts.

The majority of her weekly exercise routine resembles the following, more or less:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Maggie does yoga and walking these days. She wants to walk ten thousand steps every day. In addition to that, she is a dedicated practitioner of yoga. She devotes a lot of her time to practicing Hatha Yoga, which significantly impacts her own life experiences.

In addition to this benefit, it works wonderfully to boost circulation and oxygenation.


On Tuesdays, she participates in a spinning class. She believes that the spinning classes are helping her increase her proportion of lean muscle to fat.


She does more yoga.


She enjoys swimming.


She does more yoga.


Spin Classes or jogging, or swimming.


She maintains her active lifestyle on Sundays and takes pleasure in the many forms of physical activity available to her, including Pilates, boxing, and sports like tennis, basketball, and soccer.

Maggie Q Age and Height

Name: Maggie Q ( Margaret Denise Quigley ) ; Born: May 22, 1979 ; Age: 43 years old ; Birthplace: Honolulu, USA ; Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches.

Maggie Q Age and Height

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