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Lynsey Bennett ‘brought back to reality’ in grim update as tumour grows – but she has hopes for German treatment

Lynsey Bennett, a cancer activist, said she was “brought back down to reality” after her last treatment report.

A gut tumour, she told her social media fans “isn’t playing ball and has grown back in weeks.”
She hopes to visit a specialist cancer clinic in Germany soon, as she emphasises in her post.

: “I’ve also bled this evening. Germany’s importance has never been greater… I wish to live more.”

Lynsey recently had her PICC (peripherally implanted central catheter) line removed, allowing her to stand under the shower spray and take an ice bath.

She went on: “Wedding shopping on Saturday, possibly some disco lights Saturday night but no booze, and hopefully another friend on Sunday as my girls are with their dads this weekend.

“Germany is a week later than I expected, but I’ll take it with both hands. I have one more meeting Monday before I can rent a boat.”
Lynsey settled her High Court case last year over alleged cervical smear slide misunderstanding.
Litigated against the HSE, Dublin testing laboratory Eurofins Biomnis Ireland Ltd and US lab Quest Diagnostics Inc after developing severe cervical cancer despite having four smear examinations from 2010 to 2016.

Her unnamed High Court action was settled.