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Love Island’s Arabella Chi accused of photoshopping her holiday snap

Fans have accused Love Island actress Arabella Chi of photoshopping.

Fans noticed the “curved glass” around her bottom as she sat on a beach in Cancun, Mexico.
“Nicely curved glass on the second photo,” one fan noted.

The glass around her buttocks is very weird, so she’s retouching her photos.

“What happened the second photo,” a third said, emojis laughing and sobbing.

However, one noted: “Why photoshop?! A) you’re already attractive and B) people will see you in real life and realise it’s a sham!”

“Yoga with a view is the best type of rehabilitation,” Arabella wrote.
A snapshot from her sunny vacation where she posed in scant swimwear.
Arabella has reportedly joined MTV’s Ex On The Beach after being unlucky in love on Love Island.

A photo of her and DJ Tom Zanetti sparked dating rumours.

But in August, she refuted them, saying: “I’m single for the first time in my life and I know what I want in a partner.

“I refuse to settle. He’s attractive, he’ll do for now, but now I’m like no, I know what I want and my worth.
The influencer has stated that she’s “learned to embrace her bum”.

“I adore my bum, but I think I’ve grown to love it,” she remarked.

“It makes me happy.

“Modeling agencies continually encouraged me to reduce my hip measurement.

“But they measure your hips, not your bum.
Kim Kardashian was also accused of using Photoshop in a toilet selfie.

It was a casual look for the 41 year old.
Fans speculated that Kim had employed a face-altering app.

“Kim needs to stop editing. It spoils her beauty when she changes her photos to look like an adolescent.”

“Her phone case is bent on the left (our left). It’s just a tad higher. Who needs Photoshopped cheekbones? “ad another