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Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

The Lookah Seahorse PRO glass Accessories with the Seahorse Pro attachments kit, you can connect your dab pen pleasure to a bong or water pipe for additional filtering. This Seahorse Pro dab pen water pipe accessory set has everything you need to get started dabbing. The 14/18mm adapter is universally compatible with bongs and dab rigs of all shapes and sizes. You’ll have plenty of working space with the hose’s 24cm length. The tip adapter fits over your Seahorse pro’s mouthpiece, and an additional glass mouthpiece is included in this package just in case

  • Only one Adapter is included with this Kit 14/18mm
  • Adapter for Tip
  • 1 hose of connection (approx 24cm)
  • Glass Tube Mouthpiece Seahorse Professional 1

Smoking accessories of all sorts are available at our online headshop. Rolling papers, hemp light, Debowlers, and much more are all available in our store.

8 Essential Smoking Glass Accessories for Every Smoker

Bottle Cutter

Breaking down thick cannabis is considerably simpler with a good grinder. It’s no longer necessary to accomplish everything by hand. When using a grinder, breaking up your buds is quick, easy, and clean. This makes for a well-rounded hit and makes rolling the ideal joint much simpler. An entry-level smoker’s best bet is a two-part grinder with a single inner chamber for grinding cannabis. For use in pipes, bongs, and joints, it may be ground and then tapped out onto a tray.

Container That Isn’t Breathable

Since plastic bags have become so much more durable, there is no need for anybody to keep their cannabis in one anymore. This may cause your marijuana to become brittle and lose its flavor due to the plastic bag taste. Besides that, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays may harm your marijuana’s beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Instead, store the herb in an airtight container to keep the taste locked in while also protecting it from damaging UV rays.

Beautiful Bowl Made of Glass

If you like to smoke from a glass bong, a stylish glass bowl will enhance your experience. Your bong will look better with a glass bowl on it, such as our stunning Purple Pleasure Glass Bowl or our fumed Color Changing Glass Bowl. When it comes to your wedding invitations, why not go for something a little more special? The Eye Bowl and the King Skull Bowl are two interesting additions to the collection. As long as you choose one of these choices, you’ll get an excellent draw with every puff, as well as an incredible taste profile.

Catchers for Ashes

Add an extra layer of filtration to your bong hits with an ash catcher for your water pipe. They also keep your bong cleaner longer thanks to the clever design of these smoking accessories. Before clearing your bong completely, connect an ash catcher to the bowl joint of your water pipe for an extra layer of filtration that will result in a smooth, cold, and pleasurable hit.

A large number of matches

You’ll need a set of lighters. Trying to light your bud with an almost empty lighter is the worst thing you can do when preparing to take a hit. In the worst-case scenario, running out of petrol or groceries is a given when you don’t have a spare. We recommend keeping a few extra lighters on hand (at least three) so you’re always prepared for a leisurely cigarette break.


Our previous post, Five Types of Glass Pipes Every Smoker Needs, discussed the benefits of chillum pipes for smoking on the go. Smoking cannabis using chillum glass pipes, which are also known as one-hitters, is much more inconspicuous than with a standard-sized glass pipe because of their size. Most of the time, you have enough bud to get two hits out of it. Observe this tyke, for example. When you’re out and about, this 24k Gold Fish Chillum is the perfect glass pipe to carry with you. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, Sunday barbeques, or just relaxing on your back patio.


Having a special ashtray for cannabis waste is a fantastic idea when you need to clear out your bowl of ash and resin before filling a new one. If you put the ash directly into your garbage can or down the drain, you run the risk of stinking up your trash can. And it’s not a good idea to flush ash down the toilet. You may use an ordinary ashtray, but you could also use a mug or perhaps a ceramic container instead. Moreover, choosing a container with a cover is preferable

Paper Towels for Rolling

While it’s fun to hit the glass bong and glass pipe, it’s also a good idea to have some rolling papers on hand just in case you want to roll a joint afterward. Part one of this guide discussed the need of using a metal grinder to break up your bud into a fine texture for smooth, tight rolling. If you like flavored or conventional Zig-Zag rolling papers have a supply on hand at all times. This is particularly useful if you’ve just cleaned your glass and need a new way to smoke.