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Lisburn musician is going to Ukraine with a van full of money and gifts.

Musician: The Lisburn musician is going to Ukraine with a van full of money and gifts.
Michael Mormecha is ready to drive to Ukraine with humanitarian aid that was raised in just a few days.

Musician Michael Mormecha is ready to go to Ukraine to help. Stuart Bailie is the person who made this video.
Musician Michael Mormecha is ready to go to Ukraine to help. Stuart Bailie is the person who made this video.

Stuart Bailie is a person who works for a company

It was 6 a.m. March 4, 2022.

 Lisburn musician

Journey: It began in Lisburn. It will hopefully reach Ukraine, 2,000 miles away, after that.

The plan is to send a lot of humanitarian aid, and Michael Mormecha seems happy about it.

There are usually musical instruments in the back of his van. He travels around Europe and other places with bands like TR, Mojo Fury, and Amy Montgomery in the back of the van, playing music.

In the music world, Michael is a well-known figure. This time, he’s driving near a war zone, and the cargo reflects that.


This is what the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter looks like. As many as 200,000 people are expected to pass through Chernivtsi, Ukraine, on their way to Romania and safety.


To get there, Michael has planned the route, and he thinks it will take him 27 hours. The paperwork looks good, and he’ll be there with a friend from Ukraine, Irina Fuga, and her partner, Kieran Catney. They’ll be there with him.

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Tanks from the Russian army fired right at Northern Irish ITV reporter John Irvine during a report on Ukraine.
In advance of the Russian invasion, Michael and Irina had talked about going across the continent to pick up the family in Kyiv and Lviv. But the family said that they were all going to stay in the country, so the trip became an aid mission.


Michael set up a fundraising page on the Just Giving site. He asked for £800 to help with travel costs, and he asked for help. That number is now more than £11,000. Is that correct? Then, there will be a lot of trips and maybe even the hiring and use of a truck with a lot of bulk supplies in the future.

A lot of people have shown up at the Trinity Church in Lisburn.

Three days from now, this is going to change the lives of many people. As soon as we arrive. All the things that people have given will be used to feed people and keep people warm. When you work on a small scale, it’s easier to do that

As for UNICEF and the Red Cross, they’ll have an impact as well. It’s just nice for us to let people know that the money we’ve raised has been sent to Ukraine. There’s something there.

Many people are still coming up to Michael as he prepares the van with sleeping bags and money. His mother and sisters are there to help with the logistics, and a family story comes up that helps to explain the mission even more, as well.

His grandfather, Ilkaro Mormecha, was 18 when he was taken from the village of Dunaiv in western Ukraine by the Nazis in World War II. Michael’s great-grandfather lived there. After the war, he came to Scotland as a refugee and lived there for a long time Michael, one of his sons, fell in love with an Irish girl and so he grew up in Lisburn.

There are three types of blood in him: “I’m Ukrainian, Scottish, and Irish,” he says.

A Russian-owned oil tanker can be seen leaving the Harland & Wolff shipyard.
The musician had been planning to go to Dunaiv at the same time as the pandemic began. He wanted to do the same thing again in 2022, but history said no.

A strange way to go back in this bad situation is to finish a circle.

And is Michael afraid of the trip?

Until last night, I didn’t know that someone had dropped off a bulletproof jacket at the house. When I tried it on I thought, “OK, this is real.” People are giving aid to people in need, but there is also a lot of help going out there. Strength comes from having more people. We’re not the only ones who do this, though. And we don’t want to do anything stupid.

Love drum kits too much to join the Ukraine army. I’m sure I’ll come back and finish the next two records.

There are still some nerves about going in. When I get on the road, I can’t wait to see what we can do with the money.