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Limerick Treaty Suicide prevention is urgently appealing for a new base of operations

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention urgently needs a new base.

Unfortunately, we’re back to square one. We knew our temporary space would only be temporary. But we’re back to square one without a permanent base,” the charity said on Facebook. The annual rent of €6,000 is proving too much for the charity due to the pandemic limiting donations and fundraisers.

The current Limerick Treaty Suicide base is also inconvenient for the charity. Volunteers from Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention patrol the banks of the Shannon several days a week to assist anyone in distress, but their current base is too far from the river to be effective, and is instead used for equipment storage.

The charity, now in their fourth year of service, says they are looking for a permanent base that will allow them to store equipment securely, train volunteers, hold meetings, and allow members to debrief after patrols.

The base’s proximity to the river allows volunteers to quickly reach those in need and to gear up before and after patrols. The charity is asking for help from the public to find suitable premises near the river where they can continue to save lives. The charity has thanked everyone for their support and effort.

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention is a registered charity run by volunteers who patrol Limerick’s bridges four nights a week to help those in need and at risk of suicide.