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Limerick City Council Seeks Additional Student Accommodation!

Planning Permission have been sought to Construct New Student Apartment Buildings in Limerick City.

1 Courtbrack Land Limited has applied to Limerick City and County Council to build two apartment towers adjacent to existing student housing off Dock Road.

The first component will be a five-story tower with 156 student bed spaces distributed over 20 units.

Each unit will have a communal area and a kitchen/living area.

According to the planning notice, the ground floor of the building would also have community laundry facilities and reception space for the proposed student accommodation complex.

The second structure will be a two-story structure that will house 40 students in eight flats, each with its own kitchen/living area.

Planning permission sought for new student accommodation in Limerick city

Additionally, the corporation is requesting approval for surface parking, including designated accessible parking spaces and electric vehicle charging stations. Further, covered and undercover bicycle parking will be provided.

Additionally, the planning notice, issued this week, contains a proposal to connect to the public water supply, modify current vehicular access from the shared link road, and provide a second pedestrian entry onto Ashdown on the site’s southern boundary.

A Natura Impact Statement has been submitted to Limerick City and County Council with this application.

The current Courtbrack Accommodation serves students during the academic year and subsequently becomes available for budget housing during the summer months.

This property has 85 bedrooms, 69 single rooms, 12 twin rooms, and four four-bedrooms.