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Lime Tree Theatre presents Into The Stream with Emma Langford and Friends

Lime Tree Theatre presents Into The Stream with Emma Langford and Friends.

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Emma Langford Photographer: Sean Curtin / True Media

LIME TREE Theatre’s next series of Into The Stream will feature Emma Langford and Friends on April 9th.

Emma Langford is an artist who deftly and gladly dances across genres, never once considering the notion of having her sound put in a box.

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She celebrates trad and folk genres in her composition, with performances delicately interwoven with jazz, pop, and theatrical nuance. A singer with a profound respect for her instrument, Langford risked losing her voice to vocal nodules at a young age, and only in her early twenties, after rigorous vocal therapy and training, did she find herself ready to share and hone her abilities. Her voice now is hailed as a crystalline treasure in the Irish music scene.

In 2017 Emma completed her MA in community music at the University of Limerick while creating her debut album Quiet Giant before embarking on a whirlwind world-tour that took her right up to 2019.

While 2020 saw things quieten down on the travel-front, she has in just four years written and independently released two highly acclaimed full-band records, Quiet Giant (2017) and Sowing Acorns (2020), so the groundwork is well and truly laid for a bright future.

She looks forward to returning to life on the road but welcomes in the meantime the opportunity to share a stage with her friends and band-mates this Spring in presenting the songs of Quiet Giant and Sowing Acorns.

With a full complement of musicians and vocalists, Langford takes to the Lime Tree Theatre stage on April 9th, 2021, to present a specially curated selection of her self-penned creations and renditions of popular favorites.


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