At a very young age, Lily James, the English actress who is best known for her roles in Cinderella and Downton Abbey, began her career in the entertainment industry. She is also active in the theatre and has a presence on television. If you are a fan of Lily James, then you will want to read on for more information.

Lily James Body Measurements

Lily James is beautiful and tall. She has a tall, hourglass figure. 34-inch bust (86.36 cm). Her 24 “waistline (61 cm) and 35-inch hip circumference (90 cms). Lily James’ body measures 34-24-25 inches (86.36-61-90 cm).

Lily James has brown eyes. Brown hair She keeps using hair dye. Her bushy eyebrows compliment her look. Her smile is precious. Her height is notable.

Lily James wears a US 4, 34, or 6 in Europe (UK). Her shoe size is 9 (US), 40 (EU), or 7. (UK). She usually wears dresses and gowns. She prefers comfy clothes, though. She often wears pullovers, sweatshirts, and casual wear.

Lily James has a particular style. She admitted that her classmates teased her because she was overdressed for a school party. So, she wears appropriate clothes.

Lily James Body Measurements

Lily James Height and Weight

Lily James’ height is 170 cm, or 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm, or 1.7 m). Her weight is approximately 55 kilograms (121 lbs).

Lily James has a figure that is reminiscent of an hourglass. It appears that she has achieved the ideal body weight and shape. A proper diet routine and a healthy lifestyle have led to her achieving the lean and toned physique that she has. She tries to live a focused life by giving her body what it needs and sticking to a clean eating plan.

Lily is a firm believer that drinking a lot of water is essential for maintaining healthy skin. In addition to that, she ensures that her meals are well-rounded and that she gets an adequate amount of protein every day. Her dedication to her exercise routine is unwavering.

Lily James Net Worth

In the year 2022, Lily James has a personal wealth of $8 million in the United States. Her work as an actress and a model contributes significantly to the income that she brings in each year. She has appeared on stage, in movies, and in television series. Additionally, Lily James is an endorser for a variety of brands.

Lily James Net Worth


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