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Levi Ackerman Workout Routine, Height, Age

We’ve had Mikasa Ackerman’s Workout at SHJ, so it’s Levi’s turn.

This Attack on Titan soldier has the best anime-inspired workout database online.

Levi is considered Attack on Titan’s greatest soldier, so The SHJ Army has made it clear he belongs in our anime routines.

We’ll be doing calisthenics to become as mobile and talented as Levi, and also soldiering.

levi ackerman workout

Levi Ackerman Workout Routine Research

We’ve reached “fun time.”

And if you didn’t know it by now, I tell you that each and every time we get to the section where we research character workout routines (workout routine research).

As I mentioned earlier, Levi Ackerman is a solider, and quite possibly the very best there is.

To replicate his abilities on the show, we’ll need to combine calisthenics with parkour and build a “well-muscled” body.

Before I continue, I’ll explain the “vertical maneuvering” they mention.

Levi Ackerman Workout Routine

Training Volume:

6 days per week


Soldier Levi Ackerman’s Attack on Titan’s best. We’ll do calisthenics and parkour three days a week and soldier-style endurance and MMA three days a week.

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Levi Ackerman Workout Routine: Sample Workout Schedule

Monday: Calisthenics and Parkour A

Tuesday: Mixed Martial Arts and Soldier Endurance

Wednesday: Calisthenics and Parkour B

Thursday: Mixed Martial Arts and Soldier Endurance

Friday: Calisthenics and Parkour C

Saturday: Soldier Trek

Sunday: Rest Day

Levi Ackerman Workout Routine: Calisthenics and Parkour A


800m Jog

2×25 High Knees

2×25 Jumping Jacks

Circuit A: Complete 3 Rounds

Wide Push-Ups x 10

Air Squats x 10

Regular Push-Ups x 10

Lunges x 10

Close Push-Ups x10

Circuit B: Complete 3 Rounds

Dips x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10

Skull Crushers (Calisthenics) x 10

Planking Shoulder Taps x 10

Plank to Push-Ups x 10

Core Tri-Set A: Complete 3 Rounds

Forearm Plank x 60 Seconds

Crunches x 30

Lying Leg Raises x 25

Flutter Kicks x 20

Hollow Hold x 15 seconds

Levi Ackerman Workout Routine: Calisthenics and Parkour B


800m Jog

2×25 Jump Rope

2×25 Butt Kickers

Circuit A: Complete 3 Rounds

Jump Squats x 10

Double Unders x 10

Jumping Lunges x 10

Double Unders x 10

Half Burpees x10

Circuit B: Complete 3 Rounds

Pistol Squats x 10 each leg

Wall Sit x 60 seconds

Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 each leg

Core Tri-Set B: Complete 3 Rounds

Side Planks x 30 Seconds Each Side

Sit-Ups x 15

Lying Leg Raises with Hip Thrust x 20

Superman Hold x 15 seconds

Levi Ackerman Workout Routine: Calisthenics and Parkour C


800m Jog

2×25 Jumping Jacks

2×10 Burpees

Circuit C: Complete 5 Rounds

Wide to Close Push-Ups x 10

Dips x 10

Jumping In and Out Squats x 10

Pike Push-Ups x 10

Pause Squat x 10

Core Tri-Set C: Complete 3 Rounds

Forearm Planks x 60 Seconds

Bicycles Crunch x 30

Hanging Side Knee Raises x 20

Hollow Hold x 15 Seconds

Levi Ackerman Workout Routine: Army Trek and Endurance Work

You’ll do a soldier-style trek once a week.

A heavy backpack or weighted vest is needed.

Find a local hike and hike 5-15 miles…minimum.

Levi Ackerman Height

As we discussed above, the only thing Levi hates about himself is his height, and he doesn’t leave those who make fun of his height. His height is 5’3” i.e. 160cm. Even though his height is less, he can kill huge titans easily, and we never see his height becoming any hurdle in his missions. His dedication to humanity is truly mind-blowing, and he rarely cares about his height in general terms.

Levi Ackerman Age

Never mentioned in the anime, but he’s probably in his 30s. He’s older than Eren, Mikasa, and other new soldiers but 2-3 years younger than Erwin Smith.

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