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Leah McSweeney Tells All on Her Friendships With Rihanna and Julia Fox, Addiction, Recovery and More

Real Housewives of New York City’s Leah McSweeney shared her story of how she overcame a lifelong addiction and became a sober, healthy person. Also, the reasons for her cessation of marijuana use.

There are no secrets in Leah McSweeney.

On the heels of the release of her new memoir, Chaos Theory: Finding Meaning in the Madness, One Bad Decision at a Time, on April 5, The Real Housewives of New York City star opens up about everything from her struggles with addiction as a teen to getting sober, starting her clothing line Married to the Mob and appearing on Bravo’s hugely popular reality series.

Now that she’s a single mother, the author is being brutally honest about the writing process (plus, dishing on her friendships with Rihanna and Julia Fox).

Check out E! News for an in-depth interview with Leah McSweeney.

FAST FACTS FROM THE NET: How difficult or frightening was it to write the book?
In response to your question, LM: All of the above is correct. It was a lot more difficult than I expected, and I was also astonished by how much of a personal trip it took me on. By remembering and repeating my life, I discovered more about myself, and as a result, I ended up in a much better place than I was when I started the book.

Leah McSweeney

E!: What were some of the things you learned about yourself? 

LM: As a parent, I can’t see my daughter being a drug addict and not returning home for a week after I told them some of the stuff I used to tell my parents when I was a teenager. If it happened, I’d be dead, as in, I’d have a heart attack. It’s possible that, back then, I took my parents for granted and had no idea how much of an influence I made on their lives. In addition, I was still carrying around a lot of shame from my teenage years and early twenties, and I think it was a great therapeutic experience.

E!: When did your battle with addiction start?

After starting cigarettes and drinking beer at the age of 13, I went from drinking 40s and smoking to trying hard-core narcotics barely a year later at the age of 14. Living there was like a nightmare.

E!: Can you pinpoint your rock bottom?

Rock bottoms were found, to be sure. The most significant occurred in 2009 when I experienced what felt like a message from the cosmos in the form of a death premonition. The moment I realized that I was going to die before my birthday that year, I began my journey toward healing.

LM: On March 31, I completed two years of abstinence from alcohol, but I’m currently on a 90-day abstinence period since I’ve also been using pot, which I’ve decided I no longer want to do. So I’ve restarted my day count and recommitted myself to sobriety and healing. My 90-day countdown begins today.

E!: What’s up with your love life?
LM: Right now, I have no plans to date. Being honest about my feelings would be fine with me if I were in a relationship. I’ve been so preoccupied with the book, but now that I think about it, maybe that’s the next step for me. There may be some upcoming events to keep an eye out for.

E!: I saw that you were friends with Julia Fox while she was in rehab.
LM: This narrative is adored by all of the people who have read it. Yes, we first met that way.

E!: The first time you see her…

Leah McSweeney
LM: What are you going to do? It’s hardly unexpected because Julia was always designed to be renowned and in the public eye.. She’s essentially the same person. She thrives on her eccentricity and wit, and that’s a wonderful thing. In her case, I’m overjoyed… It’s an intriguing subject.

E!: Any news on your relationship with Rihanna, a lover of your designs?
LM: RiRi and I talk and text all the time. She’s a wonderful person, and I’m very thrilled for her. Look at her, she’s revolutionized pregnancy, and I adore it. When some of these celebrities are pregnant, they want to keep their pregnancy a secret. They’ll do anything to avoid us noticing that they’ve gained weight. It’s the strangest thing ever. Every time I see her out and about, I’m like “F—k yes! RiRi!,” because she is so proud of her stomach. Her beautiful femininity is the pinnacle of perfection. Icon!

E!: What’s your best piece of advice for a new mom like Rihanna?
A woman has been giving birth since the dawn of time, and we’ve been able to handle it just fine without any extra technology or anything. LM: Don’t listen to anyone. Everyone has something to say. No matter what happens, you’ll be alright; you’re a tough cookie.

Chaos theory may be found in bookstores everywhere.

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