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Kerry Katona says she sometimes uses Google to remember who she has been married to

It has been discovered that Kerry Katona has to use Google to remember who she was married to Bryan McFadden.

Kerry has been divorced three times since her first marriage to Brian, a former Westlife musician, ended in 2006.

After becoming engaged to Ryan Mahoney, she’s left wondering about the fathers of all her children.

In an interview with The Jay Hutton Show, the 41-year-old said, “I had this enormous, massive jukebox off Brian, my first husband…

Kerry Katona

Most of the time I have to look it up on the internet because I can’t remember who I was married to previously. The first thing I ask my children is, “Who do you belong to?” Kids love it because it’s “dead-on humorous.”

On OnlyFans soon before the first lockdown Kerry, former Atomic Kitten vocalist Kerry said that she had to sell a prized property from her previous spouse Brian since she was so destitute.

Brian McFadden gave me this jukebox as a wedding gift, and it’s been with me ever since.” You can find my old Rod Stewart albums in there.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t afford to pay the rent. ” That jukebox costs around £16k… “I was forced to sell it for £1,900,” I said.

Lilly-Sue, 19, and Molly, 20, are Kerry and Brian’s, daughters.

The year after her divorce from Brian was finalized, Kerry married taxi driver Mark Croft.