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[Jungkook Workout] BTS Singer Jungkook Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

[Jungkook Exercise] Diet and Exercise Routine of BTS Singer Jungkook
Jungkook is a musician, singer, and songwriter. Notorious K-pop group BTS’s lead vocalist. In addition to being the most famous member of BTS, Jungkook is also known as JK.

Aside from directing and singing, Jungkook is well-known. But he also learns to be BTS’s fittest member and keep a rock hard attitude. So keep reading to discover about Jungkook’s workout and diet.

Jungkook stats


66 kilogrammes

23 years

40″ Chest

30″ Waist

14 inch biceps

Jungkook Workout Plan

Jungkook is a regular when it comes to exercising and keeping fit. Because he’s an idol, Jungkook has to keep him fit. The fact that Jungkook is an idol prevents him from getting drinks and eating food at will.
With his diet and fitness routine, Jungkook stays thin and ripped. The production does not want Jungkook to go to the gym. As a result of this, Jungkook’s fitness routine is really basic.
However, his daily vocal, dance, communication, and other sessions take a toll on the body and burn a lot of calories and energy. What does JK do to remain fit?


When they are on tour, Jungkook and another member maintain practising for the shows and live performances for 2 to 3 hours every day, 5 days a week. They practise for 4 to 5 hours every day in one article.

Everyone in K-pop is thin because they dance so much that they burn 500 to 900 calories a day, which is covered in this workout only. Keep in shape by dancing or doing a cardio activity for that many calories.

Jungkook Basic Bodyweight Workouts

Jungkook frequently works out with bodyweight exercises and one or two weight lifting regimens. JK’s routine is a circuit routine, as exhibited in their live performance videos. Is well as this video of JK doing shoulder press on the BTS Twitter page. The workout includes: 20 squats.

20 nudges

Jump squats

20 scapular presses

ten plank shoulders

20 climbers

15 squats

20 crunch crunches

Leg raises 20

Superman 20

No more Jungkook workouts.

Diet Jungkook

True, Jungkook follows a rigorous diet. To keep his face trim and youthful, Jungkook has to follow a strict eating plan. Jungkook eats a lot of salad and low-calorie foods to lose weight.
Jungkook mainly eats chicken and vegetables for protein, but he also allows himself to eat snack food occasionally. But he avoids rich and oily foods that can help him gain weight. JK becomes neurotic and frightened if he acquires even a little weight. The good news is that you don’t have to eat like Jungkook to get in shape. Follow this diet to attain his physique:


Omelette à la blanc

Toasted grain



Salad of salmon


Soupe à légumes


Breast de



That’s it for the Jungkook Diet!

Jungkook Workout Plan

Jungkook’s Workout and Diet Routine (Updated) I previously covered Jungkook’s workout, albeit I have since updated it. A new Jungkook fitness regimen should be written. A lot of dancing has become a daily routine. JK is currently attempting to bulk up.

So he began a proper workout regiment. Let’s recap JK’s previous activities. Then he does bodyweight exercises for two hours. So far, it’s kept him trim and fit.

The GOT7 and EXO members like Jackson are shaping up. Jungkook has grown a lot of muscle mass and no fat. What does JK do to stay in shape?
I won’t lie, I did some homework. I could know out about JK’s activities by visiting his Facebook profile. A lot of weight training and boxing are part of the programme. This makes his workout incredibly efficient.


That means he would be working out for three to four hours per day. The programme includes two hours of dancing practise, an hour of weight training, and 20-30 minutes of boxing. But JK can’t possibly do all of that in one go.


I think it’s preferable to split these workouts into two. So, five days a week, train in the morning and evening. Because the workout is so intensive and protracted, you can train four days each week. To get a body like JK, let’s look at my plan.

Morning Ritual

The morning routine will include stretching and dance practise. So I propose taking a one-to-two-hour dance class. Zumba, barre, or any other dance class will do. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping while also stretching your muscles However, I would strongly advise against doing so as it becomes really monotonous. This isn’t as fun as dancing and will take hours.

Evening Ritual

Afternoon boxing exercise will focus on weight training and cardio. I would suggest that following a consistent routine after good training is sufficient. Just keep in mind that JK has a really attractive and slender physique.

Simple, daily training of specific body parts will take under an hour. Followed by a boxing workout. Focus on a high-intensity plan for 20-30 minutes.

Diet Jungkook

JK still eats a lot of meat for his diet. I can’t confirm it, but JK might be using the supplement. That being said, I saw a video of him eating steak; first, he looks adorable; why? Despite being a dude, he still looks cute eating.
He is getting all of his protein from meat and other things, I assume. You can follow this technique to get JK’s body.


Bacon turkey

Toast with avocado



Breast de

A little white rice bowl




In between training sessions, I saw him devour hot dogs and juice. a protein shake or a protein shake





That’s it for the Jungkook Diet!