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Jisoo Workout Routine, Diet, Height

Jisoo is a Korean singer and part of the Kpop group BlackPink, all of whom are well-known across the globe.

Jisoo has also been on the top pages of fashion publications such as Vogue and others. She is also known for having a slim, attractive body.

Jisoo diet

Jisoo Workout Routine

Jisoo’s workout routine may not be what you’re looking for. Jisoo and BlackPink are active and healthy. They approach fitness differently than boxing, pilates, etc. YG Moonlight Flagship reportedly interviewed Jisoo and other BlackPink members about their training and diet. Jisoo exercises by dancing and doing flying yoga with Jennie.

Jisoo’s workout includes:

Jisoo Dance Class

BlackPink members dance regularly for cardio and overall health. Each dance rehearsal lasts two to three hours; before concerts, they sometimes rehearse for half a day. Dancing burns calories, preventing members from gaining weight.

Jisoo Flying Yoga

She said in 2017 that she does flying yoga with Jennie, which is similar to yoga but done in the air. It looks like dancing, but it’s actually yoga. Flying yoga maintains body form, flexibility, and muscle relaxation. I’m unsure if Jisoo still practices yoga because I couldn’t find any recent photos of her.

Jisoo Flying Yoga

Jisoo Diet

Jisoo’s diet is normal. Jisoo eats anything. Usually, everyone in the group orders and eats restaurant food. Jisoo eats little because she gains weight easily. Jisoo eats three meals a day and supper before dinner. Jisoo eats berries, apples, or other fruit at night. Even without dance practice, she eats an apple for breakfast.

Jisoo Height

Jisoo is 1.62m tall which is 5 ft 3, although the girls are used to performing in huge heels (the professionals that they are) so many assume they are taller!

Jisoo Height

jisoo instagram

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