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Jared Padalecki workout routine and diet plan

Supernatural's Jared workout routine and diet plan

Jared Padalecki workout routine involves HIIT training, cardio exercises and weight lifting training. After the workout, he usually take infrared suana bath and keeps himself fresh. Jared follows all the workout exercises very strictly. Not only the workout routine, but also the diet plan of Jared is quite healthy with low carbs and moderate proteins. Let’s Discuss the workout and diet of Jared Padalecki.

Who is Jared Padalecki?

Jared Triston Padalecki is an actor by profession, of American origin, and grew up in Texas. He is best known for playing the role of Sam Winchester in the famous TV series Supernatural. Jared has done many worth-watching films which are a treat to watch.

Jared Padalecki workout

Jared Padalecki got immensely famous in 2000 as he has done a career-lifting role in Gilmore Girls, Silent Witness, etc. He won a viewers choice award for Gilmore Girls in 2002. His famous movies include New York Minute, Flight of Phoenix, House of Wax, Cry Wolf, etc.

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine

Jared Padalecki is one of the fittest actors in Hollywood with a  charismatic personality and a toned body. Jared maintains an ideal figure with a healthy diet and immense workouts. Currently, his body is in its best form and he has to change her eating and workout schedules according to the role he is playing. Jared gained approximately 36 kg for his role in Supernatural.

Unluckily Jared went through shoulder surgery a couple of years ago so his workout routine is a little bit different. He doesn’t do exercises which puts a lot of stress on the operated shoulder. Moreover, Jared likes to do workouts in his home gym which has all his favorite workout equipment.

In a lot of his interviews, he often shares his workout routine and diet plan. Instead of doing intense workouts, he focuses on getting an hour-to-hour daily workout. And Apart from doing exercises with heavy weights, he usually likes to do workouts with dumbbells. He also uses infrared SAUNA after training for relaxation.

Jared Padalecki workout routine

His workout includes HIIT cardio and WEIGHT TRAINING.

HIIT workout:

Jared usually does this HIIT training by running the bike and the treadmill and it becomes super tiring which helps in the burning of fats. This also helps the cardiovascular muscles to burn and make the physique look good. This exercise includes push-ups and pull-ups for burning excessive fats.

Following is the day-to-day workout routine of Jared Padalecki.

DAY 1- MONDAY – Triceps, and Chests

On Monday, the workout routine of Jared Padalecki involves the chest workout and triceps. The WARM UP includes a stretch and incline walk.

WORKOUT includes:

  • Bench press (4*10) 8,5,3
  • Dumbbell (3*10) 12
  • Incline bench press(3*10)12
  • Tricep pushdowns(3*10)12
  • Incline chest flys(3*10)12
  • Dips (3*25) or failure

DAY 2 – TUESDAY – Circuit training

On Tuesday, his workout routine includes circuit training.


  • Includes 3 rounds of run 400m.
  • 21 kettlebell swings
  • 12 pull-ups


  • 5 Rounds of run 400m
  • 30 box jumps
  • 30 wall balls


  • Row 1000m
  • 50 thrusters
  • 30 pull-ups


  • 3 Rounds per minute station of
  • Wall ball 20/14 lbs
  • Sumo deadlift high pull 75/55 lbs
  • Box jump 24/20 in
  • 30 wall balls 20/14 lbs


  • Run 800 m
  • 30 pull-ups
  • 30 kettlebell swings

Jared Padalecki workout routine

DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY – shoulders and legs

On Wednesday, his workout routine includes leg and shoulder workouts. In warmup includes stretching and an incline walk


  • Squats (4*10)8,5,3
  • Arnold press(3*10)12
  • Military press(4*10)8,5,7
  • Hamstring curls (3*10)12
  • Leg press(3*10)12
  • Light clean and squats (3*15)or failure

DAY 4: THURSDAY – circuit training day

On Thursday, Jared likes to play sports and does some activities.

DAY 5: FRIDAY-  Biceps and back

Warmup: incline walk ( 10 minutes), Stretches


  • Deadlift (4 sets, 10-4 reps)
  • Hammer curls (3 sets, 10-2 reps)
  • Preacher curls (4 sets, 10-5 reps)
  • Bent over rows (3 sets, 10-12 reps)
  • Wide grip pull-ups (3 sets, 15 reps)
  • Lateral pull-downs (3 sets, 10-15 reps)
  • Bent over rows (3 sets, 10-12 reps)
  • Zottman curls (3 sets, 10-12 reps)

Saturday and Sunday is the rest day for Jared.

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Diet plan of Jared Padalecki:

When it comes to the diet plan of Padalecki, he always prefers to eat healthy for staying fit. All the actor needs is to be physically fit and healthy, so Jared does not keep himself behind all the perfection. The diet plan of Jared includes fresh eggs, meat and chicken, and other healthy meals. They have chicken in their home so they always have fresh eggs. So, the shortage cannot be considered in his house.

Jared Padalecki Workout routine

He doesn’t consider carbs in his diet but instead prefers a chicken high-protein diet. Jared loves cooking and grilling but does not somehow so talented at it.

Jared doesn’t like pasta, bread, and rice and loves to take berries instead. Besides that, he always keeps meat, yogurt, veggies, and eggs in his kitchen.

Whenever Jared feels hungry after the long day or hectic routine, he just keeps the chicken breasts in fridge and just eat it.

That was all about the workout routine and diet plan of Jared Padalecki. Read more about Eminem’s workout routine: and diet plan