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Jamie Dornan shares secret

Jamie Dornan shares secret  US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel thought corned beef was a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal. Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan surprised Kimmel by giving him a Tayto crisp sandwich on live TV.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor from Co Down talked about how Belfast, which was written and directed by Kenneth Branagh, has been nominated for a lot of different awards.


Dornan also talked about his critically acclaimed new TV show The Tourist, a billboard with his face in front of a strip club, and being on the cover of British GQ.


A video of Jamie competing on the show “Model Behaviour” was also shown.


Kimmel said that on St. Patrick’s Day, his family has a “corned-beef-arama.” This is the most important part of the show.


He looked like he was going to get sick and said it was “absurd” that nobody in this town ate corned beef to honor the patron saint of Ireland.


It’s March 17, and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon. The host was curious about what to put on the menu.




The man from Co Down then made a “Tayto smashie,” which is what he did. As a rule, you should get the cheapest white bread you can find. There used to be a bread called Mighty White back home that was like sugary death.

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There’s mayo on both sides. You don’t use light mayonnaise, either. You use real mayonnaise, and that’s what you use.

The cheaper the ham, the better. It all comes from one animal. It’s a lot of food. There are about five or six slices on there. When you’re done, you can get Tayto cheese and onion, which are made by a company in the north of Ireland where I live. Their cheese and onion are the best crisps they make.

“Put the whole packet on there.” In your day, your year, and your life, the crunch is what will be the most exciting thing. That’s why they call it “the Tayto smashie.”

Jimmy Kimmel was very happy with the service. He said it was “six times more delicious” than he thought it would be.

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