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J. J. Watt workout routine and diet plan

The American Footballer, J. J. Watt workout routine and diet tips.

J.J. Watt’s workout routine is quite inspiring and consists of upper-body and lower-body workouts. As a footballer, he has to work out a lot to retain his physical strength. J.J. Watt’s workout routine happens to occur two times a day and includes warmup sessions, tire flips, and sled pushes. Along with this, his diet plan is not as simple as many other players or celebrities. 

Who is J.J. Watt? 

J.J. Watt is originally from Wisconsin and is an American football player; he was always fond of sports at a very young age and started playing hockey at age 4 to 13, and started football in 5th grade. Although he became a pro then, he was a football star during his four years in high school. He also accomplished accolades in baseball, basketball, and track & field. 

During his career at Central Michigan University, Watt played for about one year; then, he moved to Wisconsin University. At Wisconsin University, he played ‘college football and was enlisted by the Houston Texans in the 2011 NFL draft. He is now positioned at the defensive end of the National football league (NFL) for the Arizona Cardinals. Known for: Football 


J.J. Watt’s career highlights and awards:

He won:

  • 3 times defensive player of the year NFL in years 2012, 2014 and 2015
  • Walton Payton Man of the Year NFL  in years 2017
  • 5 times first-team All-Pro in the years 2012-2015 and 2018
  • Second-team All-Pro in 2014
  • 5 times Pro-bowl in the years 2012-15 and 2018
  • 2 times sacks leader NFL in the years 2012-15
  • Forced fumbles co-leader NFL in the year 2018 
  • 2010s All-decade team NFL
  • PFWA All-Rookie team in the year 2011
  • Sportsman of the Year in 2017
  • Bert bell award in the year 2014
  • In 2010, the Lott trophy
  • The first team the All American 
  • The first team of the All-big Ten

J.J. Watt’s stats:

Here are the body statistics of Justin James Watt: 

    • D.O.B: March 22, 1989
    • Height: 6’5 
    • Weight: 288 Ib 
    • Arms: 18 inches or 46 cm
    • Chest: 49 inches or 126 cm
    • Waist: 38 inches or 96.5 cm

J.J.Watt workout


J.J. Watt’s workout routine:

Although J.J. Watt is a football player, and all a player needs is to be perfectly fit to win against the opponent, he follows a rigorous workout routine. First, he starts his day with the warm-up session: 

Warm-up Session: In J.J. Watt’s workout routine, the warm-up session is critical. Watt wakes at about 5 or 6 A.M. and prefers to start his day early. First, he begins by warming up and loosening up, regardless of his focus on the strenuous workout routine. This takes about 30 to 40 minutes without shoes because he believes it creates stability and balance in the ankle. He mainly focuses on the core in his warm-up session of the weightlifting routine. He does this in every loosening-up session for stability when he picks up the bar. This achieves by the mishmash of low ab work and glute alongside the pelvic floor and grind. This warm-up of J.J. Watt’s workout routine involves the following exercises:

  • Glute-extensions
  • Side planks with raised leg
  • Planks
  • Lateral leg walks with band 
  • Dead-bugs 
  • Bird-dogs

Watt must work on his core to stand against a 300+ pound lineman. For that, he needs to have explosive energy and possess quite a maximum speed. So, to gain that enormous energy, he adds tire flips, sled pushes, and box jumps to his workout routine.

  • Tire flips: J.J. Watt uses about 1000 Ib tire of a tractor; you can imagine how heavy it must be. An average man like us cannot uplift it as long as we have a workout routine like J.J. Watt’s workout routine.
  • Sled pushes: Sled pushes are a good add-up to J.J. Watt’s work routine. First, he pushes the sled slowly with a walk or while doing a little jog, which usually depends on the load of the sled. Then pushes the sled in the other direction.
  • Box jumps: Box jumps provide excellent strength for the lower-body muscles, and Watt does it routinely in his gym for his workout. Other than box jumps, he practices long jumps too for the perfection of his jumping. His vertical jumps are about 61 inches.

J.J. Watt’s workout routine:

J.J. Watt’s workout routine divides into upper and lower body routines. In addition to that, he divides his workout routine days into endurance and strength training alternatively. For example, on the first leg day, he does the workout with lighter loads having more repetitions, and on the next leg day, he does the training with heavier loads having fewer repetitions. 

He usually stretches and loosen-up his body before starting the workout. For that, he uses a foam roller to break up the adhesions of the body and soften the muscles. 

J.J. Watt’s upper body workout:  

J.J. Watt’s workout routine involves an upper body workout which follows as follows:

  • Incline bench press: 6 repeats and two sets. It has an inclined surface on the bench press. In this, a person can focus more on upper pecs.
  • Weighted shoulder roll: 10 repeats and two sets. It is done by warming up the shoulder, upper back, and scapula and rolling the shoulder with the help of dumbbells.
  • Fat-bar pull-up: 10 repeats and three sets. Classic pull-ups usually work to strengthen the upper back, core, and triceps. But with the addition of a fat bar, the forearms also toughen. 
  • Dumbbell floor press: 8 repeats with eight sets. It makes stronger the triceps and chest area.
  • TRX arm curl: 12 repeats with three sets. 
  • Chest supported T bar rows: 12 repeats with three sets. In this exercise, the back is the focus with the involvement of the biceps, abs, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • Straight arm Lat pull-down: 10 repeats with three sets. 
  • Band external rotation: 10 repeats with three sets. 
  • Tempo run: 8 times 40 yds with 75 times max speed.

J.J.Watt’s lower body workout:

J.J. Watt’s workout routine includes a lower-body workout which is as follows:

  • Safety bar chaos Reverse lunges: 6 to 8 per leg with three sets.
  • Safety bar box squats: 3 repeats with six sets
  • Litvinov prowler sprints: 6 times 20 yards
  • Partner-assisted dynamic kettlebell Swings: 10 to 12 repeats with four sets

Watt’s rest time between the sets is about the 40s, and he finishes his workout with about 15 mint cool down. Watt usually exercises two times a day; quite a challenging routine, though!

Weekly J.J. Watt workout routine:


  • Be a role model: Watt used to work out with rookies, and now he says that he can’t forget them because once he was one of them.
  • I can’t get enough: Watt is enthusiastic about workouts and loves doing that. Whether it is foam rolling or muscle activation drills, he is very passionate. Watt does numerous of the same workout routines which he used to do in high school. Also, his trainer Brad Arnet is still the same.
  • Finely tuned to feedback: Watt usually listens to his body in a sense that what his body needs right now or what is good for his body and what is not, and he constantly tries to keep things at an optimum level.
  • Train like a beast: In J.J. Watt’s workout routine, his training session expands by about 90 minutes. He initiates his workout with foam rolling, then shifts to footwork, and after that, a lot of work with the resistant bands.
  • Strengthen the core: After recovering from the back surgery, he shifted his exercises from heavy weightlifting to strengthening the body. 

Recover: He gives time to stretch and then recover after doing exercise to perform well.

J.J. Watt speaks on his core workout routine: It’s not a less effort or time, and it’s just changed.

Watt on speaking for the time about his workout routine: Work hard and do great if you focus on the bare minimum and not on its results. But nothing will be going to change. 

Watt on his workout routine: He said: I am a football player right now, and I will sacrifice whatever it takes to be the best.

J. J Watt Workout plan



J.J. Watt Diet plan: 

J.J. Watt’s diet consumes a lot of food each day. As his workout routine is so heavy, he needs a massive amount of food to keep his bodybuilder’s fitness. He usually has two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners, and they are enormous. But his diet plan does not contain junk foods, and Watt has a strict diet in which he ingests only healthy meals like chicken breasts, oatmeal, and plenty of veggies. 

His diet contains 5000 calories in today’s times. But he used to eat more than 9000 calories, including a semi-paleo diet and a semi-keto diet, and he used to chuck lots of fats by eating olives, avocados, and bacon. Above that, he lowers his carbs and eats only natural carbs like sweet potatoes.

Being a defensive end and having a considerable 288-pound weight, with 6’5 height, it’s not surprising why he consumes that many 9000 calories daily because all these calories are digested while working. And he needs fuel for the thick workout.

Breakfast diet: 

  • Six eggs
  • Oatmeal with strawberry and blueberry
  • Apples and bananas

Second breakfast: 

Two breakfasts include in his diet plan per day;

  • Brown toast*2 with honey, banana, and peanut butter.
  • Four eggs
  • Brown toast* 2 with jelly


  • Three chicken breasts with Italian dressing and whole wheat pasta
  • Broccoli

The second meal: 

  • Boiled carrot
  • Feast
  • Roasted asparagus
  • Lamb chops along with whole wheat pasta
  • Chicken breasts along with the mashed potatoes

The second banquet

  • Steam broccoli
  • Whole wheat pasta

Night plan: 

  • Lamb chops
  • Wheat Noodles
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Spaghetti
  • Steak Fillet
  • Steam broccoli

J.J. Watt’s Diet talk 

As a football player following a strict diet plan and doing a heavy workout, J.J. Watt has some tips for his fans:

Watt on his 9000 calories: My body was searching for something, so I was trying to fuel my body with no actual fuel.

Watt on his bulky diet plan: I have to eat so much that it sounds weird, but it’s like a job.

J.J. Watt on his calories count in diet plan: I pay attention to my body and what my body needs. I am not on strict calories. 

J.J. Watts’s supplements: 

Watt takes his bodybuilding supplements, including creatine, whey protein, and BCAAs. These supplements help in muscle growth along with the repair of muscle damage. By taking this supplement, you can prevent muscle breakdown while collagen retains the joints. 

This was all about Watt’s workout routine and diet plan. If Jaden Smith is your favorite celebrity, then check out  Jaden Smith’s workout routine and diet plan.

How much time should take By Watt to do his exercise?

According to his diet plan, he should eat around about 9,000 calories in a day and their exercise time should be 90 minutes per day. Because he is playing so he should work so hard and take care of his diet and health as well.


The players who should be playing on the international level should take care of their diet very much. Their diet is very much important for them so that they became energetic and develop courage and fearlessness in themself.  You can check out the diet plan and workout routines of other celebs as well on our website. I hope this article will find the best of your information. 

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