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ATTACK ‘PLAN’ Irishman could face 10 years in German prison after threatening violent attack in Frankfurt as he’s remanded 2022

An Irishman who threatened to use weapons, rifles, samurai swords, and a crossbow might face up to ten years in a German prison.

After being detained on Thursday, an unidentified 53-year-old male was hauled in front of a detention judge on Friday.

Prosecutors are gathering evidence against him in Frankfurt’s Weiterstadt prison.


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Spokeswoman: The case is likely to move quickly because the suspect faces a charge of planning a violent attack against the state.

“The man said he would attack on July 20, but we don’t know where or how. It was very vague.”

A lot of evidence will be looked at. We’ll also see if he can speak, and we’ll follow the usual steps in an investigation.

In spite of what people say, a case may not be brought for a long time, which means that the man will have a psychological test done.

Last week, police in the city of Frankfurt, which is in the state of Hesse, found that an Irishman had written a series of letters to different people in the state.


irishman germany



There was a wide range in the tone and content of the letters, which started this year, from confused to angry.

He wrote letters complaining about what he thought was unfair treatment by the government.

The police said that the writings were made up of random parts of legal texts that showed signs of mental illness.

Following his most recent letter, police swooped on the man. He made a real threat of an attack.

The police added: “In letters with the same content, the suspect said that he planned to carry out an unspecified attack.”



A big police operation last Thursday led to him being found in a garden allotment north of the city center.

People have left their cars, shipping containers, and other things in the area. Cops found a cache of weapons they said was “good for an attack” on the site.

In two of the images of the weapons found, a crossbow and nine samurai swords can be seen. There are also 14 firearms, including automatic weapons and gas pistols.

It’s illegal to buy some of the guns and knives, says a police spokesman. You can buy knives without a permit.

Investigators say they have now ruled out a theory that the man was part of Germany’s Reichsbürger scene, a group of mostly far-right extremists who don’t like the modern German state.


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