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IRISH STAR ON ABUSE RAP Irish actor Stuart Townsend ‘facing domestic abuse charge after arrest following fight with wife’

IRISH movie actor Stuart Townsend was detained after a confrontation with his wife and charged with domestic abuse.

During a heated argument, Townsend, 46, of Howth, Dublin, reportedly got violent with Agatha Araya.
Neighbours of the Hollywood star reportedly called Santa Monica police to report loud shouting from the Dubliner’s home.

When the authorities arrived, they heard arguing outside and had to separate Townsend and the Costa Rican.

TMZ claims the 46-year-old warned his wife not to speak after their breakup.

Townsend’s wife complained of arm pain, but no medical attention was required, according to police sources.

A verbal battle escalated when Townsend allegedly grabbed her by the arms and refused to let her leave the house, cops learned.

The actor was charged with criminal domestic violence. The father-of-two is also charged with two misdemeanours: false detention and preventing a crime from being reported.

After posting $50,000 bond, he was released and a court date will be established soon.

Stuart reportedly told TMZ that the pair had a fight but had settled by the time cops arrived.

We look forward to a speedy and favourable resolution so we can return to our calm lives as wives and parents,” he said.

Unable to reach Townsend, The Irish Sun called his publicist.

Born in Howth, north Dublin, he graduated from Gaiety School of Acting in 1993.

He is best recognised for playing Lestat in Queen of the Damned, a role Tom Cruise originated in Interview with the Vampire.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and a crucial role in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

He was set to play Aragorn but was replaced by Viggo Mortensen at the last minute.

“I was fired the day before production began after two months of preparing and training,” Townsend revealed in 2002.

“I truly don’t like the people in control. The director wanted me but then changed his mind and wanted someone 20 years older and utterly different.”

His most recent work is on TV. In 2015, he played Dr Samuel Wainwright in Salem’s second season.

In 2015 and 2017, he appeared on Elementary and Law & Order: SVU.
The 46-year-old dated Theron, and the two were a hot item in Hollywood.

After starring in 2002’s Trapped, they spent over nine years together, alternating between Ireland and Los Angeles.

They were married till 2010. “I’m married,” Stuart said. We didn’t have a church wedding, but we’re married.”