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Incredible Spring Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

Who doesn’t love springs? After being cooped up inside due to the winters, it’s time to go out and enjoy the spring season to its full glory. Also, you get to decorate! Yes, today we bring you some wonderful ways to add spring touches to your interiors of 2 BHK flats in South Mumbai. You can add traces of the colorful season throughout your apartment.

Here’s how:

Fresh Florals in Inside

Nothing adds fragrance and freshness to your space than a vase full of fresh flowers. You can place some on the kitchen counter, your bedroom, and even the living room. They are an instant mood lifter. They add color to your living space, making it feel and smell wonderful.

Pastel Pillows and Cushions

Another way to infuse traces of spring in your surrounding is by incorporating pastel pillows. They can be block-printed, floral printed, striped, but all in pastel hues. Pastel pillows are great to put in a living room. Usually, since living rooms are done with a neutral ambiance in mind, pastel pillows add a nice touch.

Get Some Gorgeous Linens

If you have a dining table in your kitchen area, you can add some gorgeous and colorful lines to announce the arrival of spring. Table linens look pretty great. Also, when you pair it up with flowers and crockery, it creates a cheery atmosphere. You can either choose from plaid, pastel, and floral.

Try Layered Rugs

For a unique and plush look, you can layer area rugs. Get a thicker and bigger rug to place at the bottom and then on top of it, add one with a spring motif or any rug that is somehow spring-related. For example, you can get a rug in the shape of a flower or a leaf.

Use Cotton Throws

Winters are gone. Now is the time to replace the heavy warm blankets with breathable cotton ones. You can always find one with floral designs.

Use Removable Decals

You can even add spring décor to your walls. It does not have to be permanent. You can do it on a temporary one and get some removable decals. Since they do not cause any damage, they are suitable for apartments. They look fantastic anywhere. It could be hanging branches, lots of florals, or ladybugs.

Floral Lampshades

Who says your lampshades should forever remain the same? You can give them a makeover and get spring-printed ones to go with the rest of the theme.

Add Some Mirrors

Surely, a well-lighted apartment does so much for your décor and really makes the colors pop off your spring décor. You can add a few more mirrors to your apartment. Mirrors are stylish, trendy, and stand out in any area. You can use them to create rays of light.

Putting a mirror on a reflective surface happens to be an easy and fun trick so the right amount of lighting.

Spring is all about happiness and colors that mark rebirth after a dry winter. Most of the springtime décor that you do comes in neutrals and pastels as they are easy to include in any flat in Byculla.