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ImAllexx’s Biography: Is he actually gay-Who is he dating

Alex Elmslie was born in London, England on February 1, 1999. He is an Aquarius and is British.

One of the best-known YouTubers under the handle ImAllexx is the man behind the 15 August 2013 debut of his self-titled YouTube channel.

where he talks about his regular existence, reviews other social media stars, and has over 2.1 million subscribers.


ImAllexx’s Biography: Is he actually gay-Who is he dating


Early life and education

Aside from the fact that they like to keep their private affairs hidden, ImAllexx and his brother Will Elmsie were raised in London by parents who are either real estate agents or stay-at-home moms.

The young ImAllexx developed a variety of interests while attending a local primary school, where he participated in soccer, basketball, and school plays. He was approximately ten when he recognized he was drawn to both boys and girls. ImAllexx started submitting videos to his YouTube channel after completing his elementary school education in 2013.

When ImAllexx graduated high school in 2017 and had the option of going to college, he opted to focus on his online job rather than enroll.


More about his career as a YouTuber

ImAllexx created his second YouTube channel, “Alex Elmslie,” on October 7, 2016, which currently has over 200,000 subscribers and has received more than 4.6 million views across all of his videos. Since the channel’s launch on December 30, 2020, its most popular video, “Coming Out…”, has been viewed more than 600,000 times in just a few months.

ImAllexx began his YouTube career in 2013 by publishing videos of him playing the video game “FIFA,” as well as other games, but he really gained a following in early 2017 when he started posting videos of him playing other games.

ImAllexx has been the subject of some debate. In May 2019, YouTuber Tati Westbrook accused James Charles of seducing and persuading straight men to be gay. ImAllexx stood with Tati and claimed he believed James was guilty until James published his video “No More Lies” proving Tati was wrong.

Chey, the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber Slazo, passed away on June 10th, 2019.

While their relationship, wrote about how Slazo was both emotionally and sexually abusive

and ImAllexx, as well as other YouTubers like Weest and Kingani, showed their support for Chey by posting encouraging messages.

Chey’s accusations were quickly disproved by Slazo’s proof.

after all, ImAllexx still refused to apologize, which resulted in the community’s disapproval.

YouTubers, which resulted in him losing a large number of subscribers.

He also called YouTuber and social media sensation Zaptie a pedophile and a sociopath.

Unlike BionicPig and ElvisTheAlien, ImAllexx has not apologized.


Twitch channel

More than 600,000 people have seen all of ImAllexx’s livestreams combined since his Twitch account was started on August 20, 2013.

He has spent around 560 hours streaming (over 23 days) and has an average of 500 viewers each stream, with his maximum recorded number of concurrent viewers being 6,734 on 14 March 2021. He has spent approximately 560 hours streaming (over 23 days).

Most of the time, ImAllexx is livestreaming while playing the popular video game “Minecraft,” but he has also spent significant amounts of time conversing with his followers and playing games such as “Among Us,” “Call of Duty: Warzone,” and “Call of Duty: WWII.”


Career as a social media star

ImAllexx has almost 670,000 followers on Instagram and has posted close to 800 photos, most of which are of his daily life.

He started tweeting in July 2017 and already has over 600,000 followers. ImAllexx tweets at least once a day.

He started tweeting in July 2017 and already has over 600,000 followers. ImAllexx tweets at least once a day.

He’s a TikTok star too, with over 1.1 million fans, while he’s amassed over 30 million likes of all his videos combined: these often feature him singing, playing his ukulele, and lip-syncing.


Love life: Is he gay

ImAllexx has said on numerous occasions that he is bisexual, and he has spoken about the difficult time that he has experienced at the hands of his peers and ‘fans’ as a result of his sexual orientation in the past.

His relationship with the female YouTuber Kingani, who has a following of about 700,000 people and is also bisexual, began in 2017. He ended the relationship in 2018.

They worked together on many videos and even launched a joint channel with over 16,000 subscribers before they split.

However, allegations are spreading on the internet that the popular YouTuber is currently in a relationship with an unnoticed non-celebrity lad. Although ImAllexx has not commented about any other women that he may have been involved with,

However, there is no proof to back these assertions, and neither ImAllexx nor his admirers have commented on it.

He looks to be single, unmarried, and without children as of May 2021.


Hobbies and interesting facts

You may see some of his Star Wars-themed Lego creations in some of his YouTube videos.

Chicken nuggets are one of ImAllexx’s favorite foods.

He enjoys listening to rap music and has produced a few of his own songs, which can be found on SoundCloud under the name Lil Revenue; his two most popular tracks are “Google Maps” and “10 Minutes”.

ImAllexx had an eating disorder in the past. According to him, he was so sickened by the thought of eating anything that he could only eat chicken nuggets for breakfast. After a few appointments with a therapist, he began to feel better.

“Brokeback Mountain,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” “Lost in Translation,” and “Brokeback Mountain 2” are some of the movies he enjoys watching in his spare time.


Age, height and net worth

ImAllexx is 22 years old. He has short brown hair and pale blue eyes, stands at 5ft 7ins (1.71m) tall, and weighs approximately 150 pounds (68kgs).

As of May 2021, his net worth was predicted to be in excess of $700,000.