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How to Lowes activate credit card

Lowe’s offers a company credit card to promote and facilitate customer purchases. Lowe’s cardholders get special discounts.

This card works in stores and online. Its stores sell quality A/Cs, lumber, and roofing materials.

lowe's credit card activation

Lowes Credit Card Activation

With a Lowe’s credit card, you get discounts on selected products and all purchases. Customers have three card options:

  • Lowes Advantage Card, Preloaded Card, Business Credit Card

All have the same activation process. Synchrony Bank manages Lowe’s secure website. Create a Lowe’s account and click “Sign In.”

Lowes Credit Card Activation

A menu displays your lists, orders, purchases, installations, and military discounts. Click “login or create account” to create an account.

The next page has registration options and a “create account” button.

login or create an account

Click this button to create a new account. The platform outlines each step.

Time of activation

Simple, quick. Secure and stable internet access is essential. First, click “secure login” at Lowe’s.

 Lowe’s website

Once inside, select “activate card” on the digital panel. menu bar option. Click “register and activate” and enter your account number. All correct numbers can click “next.”

The platform will request verification details. Verify finances. The next page contains terms and conditions; read them before accepting.

After reading and agreeing, press “activate card” to finish.

Card activation by phone

Synchrony Bank issues the credit card, so activation must be done by phone. Call 1-800-444-1408 for help from a specialist.

To speed up the process, have your credit card and all related details ready. Customer service verifies all details.

American Express cards are only for businesses. Call 1-800-492-3344 to activate this product. Your credit line is activated after some information and procedures.

What happens if I forget my login information?

Some users forget their passwords and usernames after creating an account. You can recover them.

Enter the website and click “I forgot User ID” or “password” below the login button.

I forgot User ID password

To reset the password, you may need to enter both the user ID and the zip code.

Find user ID continue

The platform shows how to recover the data in a few steps. You must enter accurate data.

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