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How to Host an Effective Hybrid AGM

The annual general meeting was previously held in a physical atmosphere where the head of the company, alongside interested shareholders, used to discuss the overall performance of their business. However, the current global crisis has restricted organizations to gather in public to ensure the health safety of the nation. With that being the case, restrictions were also imposed on traveling. Hence, to meet the end while also following the guidelines enforced by the government, organizers switched their conferences and meetings over the web. This shift has tremendously given companies a sign of relief and prevented many businesses from dipping down.


During the initial stage of the pandemic, the demand for virtual events became a viable alternative for organizers. But looking at the present scenario, a sign of relief has also been given by the deadly virus. Thereby, Hybrid events were introduced in the market as another alternative that combines virtual and physical elements. The rich and effective transformation of events from physical to virtual and from virtual to hybrid has exponentially provided endless opportunities to the world.


Hybrid AGMs enable all interested stakeholders to either join the meeting from their respective visual space or be physically present at the venue. Many organizers who never thought of leaving the hands of physical events are now heavily relying on Hybrid AGM solutions. Since the past few months, organizers have begun planning meetings over a hybrid event platform. This skyrocketed the demand for virtual and hybrid AGMs amidst organizations especially after 2020. The worth of hybrid events has lately been realized by people as it strikes out every restriction. However, with so many benefits, people are still skeptical about hosting their annual general meeting in a hybrid environment. Thus, to clear out your suspicion and get you started with the most exhilarating hybrid experience, we have amalgamated some effective ideas and tips that will help your planning and execution seamlessly. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is a hybrid AGM?

A combination of on-site and online attendees during an ongoing annual general meeting is called hybrid AGM.

These meetings are basically held between members of the board and interested investors to gather together a mutual discussion on the annual performance of the organization. AGM plays an integral part in any business’s lives as through this they can seamlessly sketch out their future goals, objectives, and strategies. AGM helps organizers to gain useful insights regarding their business operations with the help of shareholders.

Generally, hybrid AGMs are organized in a physical venue alongside digital elements. It enables online as well as offline attendees to gather together on one single frame and intensifies their communication and networking possibilities.

Tips for hosting effective hybrid AGMs


Nobody likes buffering or pixelated video material with a clunking noise. Interruption between the meeting can narrow down the smooth and immersive experience. A robust and stable internet connection is required to hold a successful hybrid AGM. Because a big portion of guests at a Hybrid AGM participate remotely from their geographical locations, having a reliable broadband connection is even more important.

Solid internet access with a fast broadband speed and plenty of capacity aids in the efficient operation of your hybrid AGM. It makes it simple to manage a diverse range of shareholders. Remember going to a meeting that keeps breaking down in the middle of having to put up with a whirring noise every once in a while. Doesn’t seem interesting, does it? The same may be said about hybrid AGMs.

  1. Choose the right event tech

For a hybrid AGM to go smoothly, you’ll need to use the proper online hybrid event platform. To hold your hybrid AGM, aim for a solution that has a full hybrid AGM platform with the most enticing functionality.  The best approach is to choose a technology that can captivate virtual participants as well as real ones. Examine the platform’s interesting and interactive features before making a final decision. It aids in the facilitation of free-flowing interactions between key corporate executives and investors. Some of the most promising elements that elevate the virtual attendance experience during a hybrid AGM are Q&A sessions, live polls, spin the wheel, business card exchange, B2B meeting calendar, and virtual networking tables.

  1. Have a backup plan in hand

To guarantee a successful hybrid AGM, always have a backup plan on hand. Unanticipated technological difficulties until the last minute might cause the event to fail miserably. Your hybrid annual general meetings will function well if you have a contingency plan in place. Make it a priority to inform your guests about a backup Plans ahead of time. To guarantee that a hybrid AGM runs smoothly even if a technology fault occurs, capture the most important remarks.

  1. Rehearse, Rehearse, and Rehearse

Do as many rehearsals as feasible before the actual day of your hybrid annual general meetings. Identify where you went wrong during rehearsals and correct it before the event. Examine all of the high-tech equipment utilized during hybrid AGM rehearsals, such as cameras and microphones. If you skip this important step while conducting a hybrid AGM, the repercussions will be irreversible.


You can easily organize a successful hybrid AGM with careful planning and frequent rehearsals. To optimize the audio and video quality of the live webcast of the hybrid AGM, invite key investors and board of directors to arrive half an hour early on the event date of the hybrid AGM.

Hybrid AGM- Over to you.

A well-organized and managed hybrid AGM increases attendance by allowing a diverse set of stakeholders to participate remotely in the AGM. Because there are no geographical or spatial constraints with hybrid AGM, a number of other factors must be considered. We’ve compiled the top five recommendations for hosting a successful hybrid AGM in this post. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start organizing your Hybrid AGM.