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How to Elevate Apparel Sales with Custom Box Printing?

The fashion industry cashes in on the product look. So, what works when the items are packaged and shipped? Box printing allows brand awareness to expand rapidly. The apparel packaging appears concise and relevant to the items inside.

Customized printing is not what most people think. It goes above and beyond the conventional grounds to form a likable brand personality. Apparels need such packaging support to retail confidently and promote the brand at the same time.

How do customers choose their favorite brand? The printed brand logo helps them to spot the brand in the crowd and relate to it wherever they see it. likewise, other brand elements can be conveyed too using printing as a marketing tool. Nike stands out from other shoe companies and the main reason is its recognizable logo. Whether is it selling shoes through e-commerce or otherwise, printing on the boxes is used in varied forms to surprise and entice customers.

How does custom printing work?

There are many accomplished printing houses that produce remarkable packaging. the boxes first get designed by apparel sellers with input from professional box stylists. Next, the final cut is proofread and sent into printing. Sellers specify the custom features they want to include on the packaging. Distinct and brand-defining shades, patterns, pictures, and visual effects are added to fascinate the target buyers.

The final product is boxes that are robust in performance and impart a marketing vibe too. The packaging is laminated to prevent damage and be resistant to water & dust. Superior inks give a retainable box appeal that immediately captures the buyers’ imagination.

Stylists also advise sellers on how to generate positive customer feedback through printing personalized messages. Customers don’t want to buy general apparel items. They want a good value for their purchases. Creative printing adds to this by considering the precise customer demands.

Particularly, for the apparel industry, a good brand projection matters highly. The products sell because they look enticing so, the boxes must also reflect this. Otherwise, the brand would find it hard to reach set sales volumes.

Custom printing the packaging works due to the following reasons.

  • Maneuver the customers’ focus

Brand advertisements are practically everywhere. These are on hoardings, magazines, digital platforms, among others. As a result, customers have cultivated a short attention span. A repetitive marketing regime is key to holding onto their focus for a considerable time frame.

When boxes are custom printed, they become a part of the apparel item. Branding done on them stays there as long as the boxes are displayed at stores and remain with customers. Shoppers stop and take a closer look at branded boxes that are printed with mesmerizing illustrations. Even simple boxes laminated with rich textures attract more attention than ordinary ones. It becomes part of the brand image and is the factor that customers recall the brand by.

box manufacturers

  • Gain a cult fan following

Why does Marks and Spencer sell more apparel than its rivals? It is due to its highly-spottable brand image that encourages customers to pick the brand on all shopping trips.

The famous M&S logo is a global customer magnet. When studied closely, small-scale apparel sellers can realize the potential of creative printing on the packaging and use it to upsize their sales volume.

Boxes with a specific brand intro and presentation don’t take time to grow in buyer popularity. Of all the marketing strategies, the boxes work best to persuade shoppers in selecting the brand. Veteran brands in the apparel industry don’t even need extra marketing tactics to attract customers. Their logo and brand identity are enough to excite potential buyers. Firm customer loyalty sparks brand growth and prolongs its survival in the industry.

  • Restructure the packaging

Not only the new startups, but existing apparel sellers also use custom box printing to refresh their brand vibe. Certain brands relaunch their product or shoe lines with ‘improved’ tags.

Printing aims to sell the products to the potential customer base. Therefore, sellers customize it to pertain to the exact customer demographic they wish to capture. Clothes come in all variations depending on the location, customer age, and weather conditions the sellers want to sell them for. their packaging must also compliment the contents. Brands can use printing to exhibit the brand as fun, classy, durable, quirky, and any custom brand appeal.

Also, courier companies read the packaging boxes to handle the items accordingly. It keeps the products safe throughout shipment. The clothes need apt storage and washing conditions. Printing these on the boxes pleases customers as the products are kept functional for longer. Also, they rely on the brand to provide good quality apparel and pick it for future orders.

  • Reduce the need for excess marketing expenses

Marketing takes up a significant percentage of the total budget. It is an expensive but indispensable business activity. The apparel industry has brands promoting their business with excessive branding campaigns.

Businesses constantly vie on the marketing strategies. Custom packaging printing proves to be cost-effective and efficient in pushing sales revenues upwards. The boxes are recyclable and hence, don’t add to costs much. Custom printing options let sellers decide on the ones they can afford. Certain sellers argue using plain packaging for apparel. At first, it may cause cost reduction but these boxes don’t expand the brand reach. Customers overlook bland boxes and such brands are often squeezed out of the industry.

The main aim of printing is to elevate the brand’s visibility in the market. This in turn causes a ripple effect where satisfied customers keep coming back and post positive reviews of the brand at social media portals. Higher brand awareness is what keeps brands going in the competitive apparel industry. Customers want to get more worth out of their purchases and innovative box printing techniques provide them with this and much more!


The upside of using printed packaging is quite clear for enhancing brand recognition. The apparel industry is difficult to sustain in but durable customer loyalty can guarantee a long run here.