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How to Correct Payroll error in QuickBooks 2107

QuickBooks is online accounting software for Intelligent People that serves the needs of 4.5 million small business owners, accountants, self-employed companies, and start-up people. QuickBooks billing software makes it easy for people to build GST invoices; keep financial records through online banking; and handle GST, inventory, employees, and payroll, all at your fingertips.

When working on QuickBooks if you have ever been distracted by QuickBooks error 2107 appearing on the computer? It can be confusing and frustrating for users to find QuickBooks payroll error code 2017 while managing QuickBooks. This error can ruin the process of moving the salary of an employee.

However, it is necessary to take the required steps to correct the QuickBooks payroll error code 2107. If you are genuinely confused by this question, then you have landed on the correct page. It is for you; we will guide you on how to correct Payroll errors in QuickBooks 2107.

What’s the QuickBooks error 2107?

When you transfer this function to your employee’s salary using direct deposit, QuickBooks Error 2107 occurs. To become more specific, you’ll face this error when you try to download the system’s payroll when making a direct deposit.

If you haven’t subscribed to the latest payroll version, you’re likely to face an error. There are multiple causes that you can face this mistake and other solutions to handle the problem. Let’s dive into the causes and signs of the error next.

Causes of Payroll error in QuickBooks 2017:

The following are the reasons why your screen appears with QuickBooks error 2107:

  • Installation Issue:

If you have not adequately installed QuickBooks service in the first place, many mistakes are expected to occur, one of them that is 2107. The correct installation refers to a complete installation that has not been impacted.

  • Files deletion:

From time to time, we continue erasing data from our program. We can fail to remember when QuickBooks that most of the files are essential for the software to function efficiently. Deleting such QuickBooks files can occur in a 2107 error.

  • Deleting records:

For the efficient running of the program, all QuickBooks files and records need to be there. It may be a virus or a human error that may lead to QuickBooks records being deleted. This removal would create errors.

  • Corrupted QuickBooks files:

Often we fail to consider whether it is secure or corrupt while we download the file from the software. If your QuickBooks files are downloaded in a corrupted form or been corrupted later, error 2107 occurs, no matter what the situation for that might be.

Steps to Correct Payroll Error in QuickBooks 2107?

So, here are four elementary solutions you can easily follow to repair your error in QuickBooks 2107:

Method 1: Go to a System File Checker

  • On the start menu in the search bar menu type ‘Command’.
  • Click CTRL + Shift on your keyboard rather than pressing Enter.
  • A dialogue box will appear where you’ll have to press “Yes”.
  • Next, with such a blinking cursor, you can see a black box opening up.
  • You have to type “SFC/scan now” or insert it, and click Continue.
  • It helps the Device File Checker to test the computer for corrupted data.
  • The device on the computer you’ll need to perform to complete the process will give you instructions.

Method 2: Test Windows Registry:

  • Again, type ‘order’ into the search box in the search menu without pressing Enter.
  • To see a dialogue box opens, press CTRL + Shift and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • A black box with a blinking cursor will open when you press Yes.
  • You have to insert or paste ‘Regedit’ here, then click Enter.
  • In the file menu check the error 2107 and click on ‘Export’.
  • It connects you to the Editor of the Registry.
  • You’ll see the backup key for QuickBooks that you’ll need to save as “Backup QuickBooks.”
  • The domain of the file has to be “.reg”.

Method 3: Check for Updates and Changes to Windows

  • Go to the start menu, and in the search box, type or paste ‘Update’.
  • You should get a Windows Update context menu on the display when you press Enter.
  • Select the ‘Install Update’ if such an update is available.

Method 4: Restoring Windows Changes and Updates

  • Click on Start.
  • You should type ‘Device Restore’ in the search area, proceed by clicking the Enter key.
  • Any admin credentials needed must be entered.
  • Instructions for selecting the system restore have to be followed by the guidance of wizard support.
  • Eventually, by restoring the device, search for the proper functioning of the QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Error 2107 is an issue that does not allow us to make direct deposits while transferring payments to your employees. Any person can follow the above four solutions. It is simple for you to find how to correct the error if you can detect the root cause of your problem.

However, you can continue by testing your Windows updates, followed by the registry, if you can’t identify the root cause. You may need to undo any changes or fix the registry if an update is not available.