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How to activate an Amazon credit card

Activate your card by phone or online.

American Express, Chase, and Synchrony issue Amazon credit cards. Card activation is quick and easy with all three providers.

How to activate your Amazon card with American Express

American Express offers three Amazon credit card activation methods:

amazon credit card activation

  • Enter your credit card number and card ID on americanexpress.com/confirmcard. Confirm.
  • Dial the card’s number.
  • Download the iOS or Android Amex app, enter card numbers, or scan the card.

How to activate your Amazon card with Chase

Chase Amazon credit card activation has two steps:

  • Enter your SSN and card, account, or application number atchase.com/personal/credit-cards/verify-credit-card.
  • Follow 800-432-3117’s prompts.

How to activate your Amazon card with Synchrony

How to activate a Synchrony Amazon card:

  • Call the number on your card’s sticker.
  • Otherwise, call the card’s number.

Getting started with your Amazon credit card

Take a few steps to improve your credit after getting your Amazon credit card.

  • App-download. Depending on your Amazon card, the Chase or Synchrony mobile app can simplify your finances. The Chase app can set up autopay, monitor accounts, and spending, and make payments.

  • Digitize wallets. You can add your Amazon card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, and more with Chase.

  • online-banking enrollment. Register for online banking at Chase.com. You must provide your SSN, tax ID, bank account, and mobile phone. After setup, you can monitor accounts, activate autopay, and redeem rewards. Amazon offers Synchrony Bank online banking.

  • Amazon.com gift card Set your Amazon credit card as a preferred payment method to earn cashback.

  • PIN-ize. Call 800-297-4970 if you don’t have a PIN or want to reset it. Just follow the automated instructions. A PIN is important for international travelers.

  • Autopay. To set up autopay, visit Chase’s website or mobile app. Select the card you want, click Set up next to automated payments, and choose the amount and account. Synchrony Bank cards can be auto-paid.

Compare rewards credit cards

You can now use your Amazon card. Consider applying for a second card if you need a higher credit line or more perks to maximize rewards. Your next card could earn rewards on groceries, gas, or any other category where you spend the most. See the below table for card perks and rewards.

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