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How to activate a Bank of America credit card

Your card must be activated before use.

Bank of America credit cards can be activated online or by phone. Whatever option you choose, starting your credit card shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

How to activate your Bank of America card online

This option requires online banking. If not, enroll using your SSN or Tax ID and the last six digits of your card or bank account. Activate your card after signing up:

bank of america credit card activation

  • Log into Bank of America’s website.

  • Identity and card verification.

  • Activate your credit card.

How to activate your Bank of America card by phone

If you prefer a bank rep:

  • Call 800-276-9939
  • Full account number
  • Follow instructions

Bank of America mobile app activation

Use Bank of America’s mobile app.

  • iOS and Android apps are available.
  • Use your online banking login information.
  • Under accounts, activate your new card.

Getting started with your Bank of America card

Here’s how to maximize rewards on your new Bank of America credit card:

  • App-download. Bank of America’s app simplifies account management. With the app, you can monitor your account, make payments, and activate BankAmeriDeals.

  • Digitize wallets. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay are supported. Digital wallets let you pay with a phone or smartwatch in-store.

  • online-banking enrollment. Bank of America offers online banking. Registration requires your last six card digits and your SSN or TIN. Monitor your cards online, activate autopay, and redeem rewards.

  • PIN-ize. Your card has a PIN (PIN). If it doesn’t, visit a Bank of America branch or call 800-432-1000. ATM withdrawals and international use require a PIN.

  • Autopay. Online or through the Bank of America app, you can set up automatic payments. Enroll in eBills through Bill Pay.

  • Earn more. If you have a Bank of America rewards card, you’ll want to maximize your rewards.

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