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hallcon driver portal How To Apply Free

What is hallcon driver portal?

Hallcon Driver Portal or Login is the web portal developed especially for drivers and other employees of Hallcon Corporation. This employee-designated portal is hallcon’s pioneering invention and can be accessed from anywhere. This secure portal allows employees to access work visits, work experiences, personal information, receive regular updates, and access various Hallcon Corporation benefits.

Steps To Find hallcon driver portal:

There is simple step to reach a job good driving in job hallcon.

1. Write in the search bar of your browser “https://hallcon.com.” You will be on the Home page of the hallcon.

hallcon driver portal

2. At the top, You will see the main menu bar of the site. Click on the Careers. A new page will appear.

hallcon driver portal


3. A new page will appear. Scroll down, and you will see the career opportunities option and also the apply option. Click on the apply option. A new page will be open.

hallcon driver portal

4. Now you will see the two drop-down boxes. In the first box, you have to write your desired post like “car driver or bus driver or traindriver,” In the second one, you have to select the region where you want to drive. Some optional areas will be given there. You have to choose one of them.

hallcon driver portal

5. Then You have to click on the search option.

6. Then hallcon software informs you that either they require a person or not, and they will also mention the vehicle they need to drive by you as a driver. Below are all the requirements and benefits details also say. You can see all the details below and read more options.


hallcon driver portal

7. After reading all the requirements and benefits, You have to click on the apply button and sign in by giving them your email id. There will be the option of password, so set your unique password.

hallcon driver portal

8. After that, you will receive a pop-up message that you have to upload your Resume, and you have to submit your Resume by clicking on the upload resume button.

hallcon driver portal

9. If You do not have your Resume, there will also be an option to create a new Resume. So Create your Resume and upload then.


10. After crossing the Resume pop-up message, you will be on the application submission page. Fill the application and submit it. It will be a simple form, and you have to ask for basic information like name, last name, middle name, phone number, fax number, country, city, postal code, etc.

hallcon driver portal

11. The next step will be a Questionnaire. In this form, you have to give some basic driving questions, traffic rules, and safety-related questions. You have sound knowledge of them. And I know that you will pass the exam!

12. The third and last form is submitted. So your application is submitted, and your mailing address will inform you.

Benefits Of hallcon driver portal

1. We’ll take care of everything you need—vehicle, fuel, insurance, training, safety training, and more—so you can focus on driving safely.

2. Drive our vehicles, work FT/PT hours that fit your schedule, in a stable industry that always has a job for reliable and safe drivers.

3. $750 bonus for safe and reliable road passengers on duty (after 3 months)

4. $250 bonus for anyone who draws for Hallcon (after 3 months)

5. Biweekly payment

6. You don’t have to stand up for a long time

7. Weekly Compensation Span: $630-815 – Work 40-48 hours per week

8. Dental, Medical , and Visual Benefits, 401k

9. No uploading/loading packages

10. Holiday Pay (after 3 months)

11. Flexible FT/PT Work Schedules, Casual Work Environment

12. No High School Curriculum Required, GED

13. No CDL required

14. No high-pressure delivery quotas



  1. Maintain professional environment
  2. Use navigation tools
  3. Transport railroad crews safely and reliably
  4. Just sit, click your seatbelt, drive, and stay safe!
  5. On-demand FT/PT schedules


  • Pre-employment background
  • Pre-employment drug screen (Marijuana use is not permissible in any state due to Federal regulations)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • 21 years or older

Opportunity for Everyone

Hallcon is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against employees or job seekers based on age, race, religion, color, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.