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Half-naked boy 15

Half-naked boy, 15, found dead inside freezer after climbing in to ‘cool down’ at his gran’s house.

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A TEENAGE boy found dead in his grandma’s freezer may have died of asphyxiation after climbing in to cool down, say cops.

Tragic teen Jose Eduardo Rosa, 15, was found dead inside the freezer in his grandmother’s garden by a cousin, who said he was “sitting in just his underpants.”

Half-naked boy 15

Jose Eduardo Rosa, 15, was found dead inside a freezer in his grandmother’s garden

Jose Eduardo Rosa, 15, was found dead inside a freezer in his grandmother’s garden

Jose Eduardo Rosa’s cousin climbed over the fence and found the tragic teen dead in the freezer[/caption]

Cops in Brazil have ruled out foul play after the youngster was found dead inside the freezer in the west-central Brazilian city of Campo Grande.

Following an extensive investigation, police officer Elaine Benicasa finally ruled out any possibility of robbery, homicide, or suicide in the teen’s death on January 11.

Cops think he climbed into the freezer to cool down after Jose is believed to have gained access to his grandma’s house using a spare key she would leave hidden.

He was discovered by his horrified cousin Carlos Magno Goncalves Rodrigues, 20, who went looking for the teen after failing to show up for work.

He told local media: “It already smelled bad. I opened the freezer and found him there sitting in just his underpants.”

The cause of tragic Jose’s death has still not been determined.

But officials believe signs point to a sudden illness, possibly resulting from the use of anabolic steroids and asphyxiation.

His family also has a history of high blood pressure.

When he was discovered, several chairs were reportedly found in a circle in the garden, suggesting the teen had not been alone before his death, although cops have ruled out foul play.

According to investigators, a notebook computer and mobile phone found on a table at the scene had been placed there so Jose could use them while he was inside his makeshift pool.

Jose’s death was particularly tragic for his family, as it came one week after his uncle died and a month after his grandfather passed away.


His brother, 26-year-old refrigerator technician Leonardo, told local media: “Everyone liked him.”

Jose was “a person who didn’t have problems; he didn’t have beef with anyone, everyone liked him,” he added.

The investigation into the cause of death is ongoing.