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‘GOV FAILING US’ 12 children and 8t saff test positive in Offaly creche outbreak as childcare sector demand action

A COVID-19 outbreak in an Offaly creche has resulted in 12 children and 8 workers testing positive.

In Tullamore, M&A’s daycare provider is the latest to be hit by an outbreak, prompting calls for government intervention.

Local TD Barry Cowen today called on the HSE to supply lawmakers with facts on Covid clusters in their districts so they can help stop the spread. a



M&A creche in Tullamore has been forced to close after an outbreak resulted in 12 children and eight workers testing positive – despite the fact that the childcare facility followed all HSE rules at the time of the epidemic.

According to reports in the Irish Sun, the first instance was discovered on St Patrick’s Day, and all employees and children involved were tested right after.

The creche in Tullamore currently serves more than 60 children, with the HSE and Tusla stepping in to support the institution.

Elaine Dunne, the chairperson of the Federation of Early Childhood Providers, wants frequent antigen testing in creches and workers placed up the vaccine priority line.

Her words to the Irish Sun: The team followed all protocols, still, this outbreak occurs.

“But no one is listening to our months-long pleas to prioritize childcare workers for vaccines.

“This is just the start. I know of other services that had outbreaks this morning, and we dealt with others throughout the weekend.

“It’s concerning that it’s happening now. We’ve just been open for a few weeks and it’s already spreading.

“Instead of waiting for the vaccine, we need antigen testing sent to the sector immediately so that all personnel can be tested before Monday morning.

“This is the largest outbreak to date, and it’s due to the government’s lack of support for the vaccine and antigen tests.

“The stress this provider has been under all weekend from obnoxious phone calls is not her responsibility.

“The government must assist the childcare sector. They fail us.”


12 children and 8t saff test positive




The Tullamore LEC is now the country’s worst affected by Covid, with Offaly the worst damaged county.

The Department of Health reported 47 additional cases in Offaly during the last 14 days, bringing the total to 320.

Offaly had 410 instances per 100,000 people, more than double the national average of 155.3.

Former Agriculture Minister Barry Cowen told the Irish Sun that the HSE should alert local politicians about clusters to help contain the epidemic.

“In Offaly, it seems to be constantly high and remains high, and we would simply like an idea rather than anyone’s postal address about where the breakouts are,” Deputy Cowen said.

This is so we can support and assist and assure folks double their efforts.

“When it stays consistently high and is the country’s highest. Tullamore is the country’s highest electoral district, and Birr was recently there, thus the infection’s nature and mode of spread must be determined.



The Offaly TD stated that he is aware of one outbreak that occurred in the meat industry in the Tullamore area more than a month ago and that it was dealt with swiftly.

He discussed the issue with HSE Chief Executive Paul Reid, and the health service chief agreed with him that more information regarding clusters should be made available to local representatives in the area.

“I stated that this is too high and has been constantly excessively high,” the Offaly TD told the Irish Sun. I’ve been keeping an eye on it, and we can’t afford to ignore it. I inquired as to whether you could provide us with the information so that we could work on it locally, and he agreed with the concept and has directed his public health officers to provide us with the information.

As a result of Mother’s Day, it’s possible that something like this is happening in the neighborhood. It’s too soon to tell if St. Patrick’s Day played a role in the incident. If it is as a result of traveling into the county, that is exceedingly unlikely.

“I don’t know, and it’s not proper or fair to speculate, and that’s why we’d like to acquire the facts and transmit it to the public, asking people to be extra cautious as a result of the situation,” she says.

“It will not cause any harm.” I’m not sure what benefit it will provide. When it comes to the obvious message, no matter how patronizing it may sound, no matter how upset and fed up and completely befuddled people are in their expectations and wait for it to lessen, the message remains the same as before.

“All we have to do now is keep plugging away, keep enlightening people, and keep letting them make the right decision, which the vast majority of them are.”


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