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Google marks World Teachers’ Day 2022 with an animated Doodle

Google's animated doodle celebrates World Teachers' Day 2022.

Google is making a Doodle for World Teachers’ Day on October 5 to honor the important role teachers play in getting people to try new things.

The animation shows stationery and school equipment celebrating as confetti falls around them in a classroom setting. It’s visible on the search engine in the Emirates, parts of the Middle East and Africa, Canada, the UK, Europe, Pakistan, the Philippines, Mongolia, and Papua New Guinea, among other places.

Google marks World Teachers' Day 2022 with an animated Doodle

This year, the same doodle has been used to mark various teachers’ days, starting on April 13 in Ecuador and moving to Mexico, Colombia, and South Korea in May. September dates were mostly for South America and Taiwan.

On World Teachers’ Day, we remember the Unesco/ILO Recommendation for the Status of Teachers from 1966, which talked about the status of teachers all over the world.

The day aims to appreciate, assess, and improve teachers and discuss education issues.

In 2022, the theme is “the transformation of education begins with teachers” in more than 100 countries.

In the UAE, Emirati teachers are well-respected. Public school teachers rose from 5,530 in 1975 to 108,020 in 2020, a 1,853% increase, according to Wam.

Google’s Doodles often honor important people, events, and moments in history, but this new animation seems to be available everywhere.

Google recently released an animated version of NASA’s Dart spacecraft crashing into an asteroid, tilting the search page. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test successfully hit an asteroid.

Mena artists have brought several Arab stars to life for Google on their anniversaries.

In June, doctor Saniya Habboub’s graduation from medical school on June 10, 1931, was celebrated.

Hubbub, born in 1901 to a Lebanese leather merchant and a Turkish mother, studied medicine in the US.

Google marks World Teachers' Day 2022 with an animated Doodle

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