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gal gadot workout & diet 2022

In January 2018, Magnus Lygdback, a Swedish-born trainer, was brought in to help Gal Gadot, 35, prepare to wield the Lasso of Hestia once more in Wonder Woman 1984 (released Dec. 25).

In January 2018, Magnus Lygdback, a Swedish-born trainer based in Los Angeles, was charged with preparing Gal Gadot, 35, ready to wield the Lasso of Hestia once more for Wonder Woman 1984 (released Dec. 25).

In comparison to the 2017 Wonder Woman sequel, when Gadot’s character’s physicality was already well-established through combat scenes, preparation for the Cold War-era sequel didn’t need to be as rigorous. ‘Both [director] Patty Jenkins and Gal had a concept of how Wonder Woman should appear, and they didn’t change much,’ says Lygdback, who didn’t work with Gadot on the original Wonder Woman movie. Lygdback, who worked with James McAvoy on Glass and Alicia Vikander on Lara Croft, says, “They had the same for this one, but it was more about making sure that Gal was as strong and as healthy as possible.”

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For the first few months of the six-month shoot, there was a gradual ramp-up in preparation. To put it another way, we weren’t aiming for maximum muscular mass. For us, the most important thing was to keep Gal mobile and unharmed,” explains Lygdback. He used ice baths and muscle healing devices like the Theragun. Lamb, organic grass-fed beef, and fish were among the high-quality protein sources she incorporated into her diet.

In order to boost metabolism, Lygdback’s method employs a four-day cycle. Only three out of the cycle’s 20 meals are predetermined, although there are five meals a day. He showed Gadot his favorite strength workouts for ladies from his Magnus Method app and YouTube channel as part of her hour-long, five-days-a-week gym program. For fast-twitch muscle fibers and a full workout of all three glute muscles, try leg press and front dumbbell squats, skater and skate leaps, pull-ups, and lateral raises.

Not to mention the stunts and harness work she already completed. He describes her as “excellent at many things and quick to pick things up.” Her time in the Israeli army and having a phased teacher as a mother are probably to blame.

Magnus Method trainer Lygdback has provided an example five-day workout regimen below:


1: HIIT, Legs, Core

Warmup: Treadmill, 5 minutes; HIIT Treadmill Sprints, 3x for 30 seconds, with 30 seconds off

Front squat, 12 reps 3x

Walking lunge, 20 reps 3x

Mini band circuit, 3 rounds: Mini band curtsy step, 20 reps; mini band lateral walk, 15 reps each side

Skaters, 20 reps 3x

Windmill, 20 reps, 10 on each side

DAY 2: Chest, Back, Core

Warmup: Assault bike (or rowing machine), 5 minutes

Wide-grip pull-down, 12 reps 3x

Push-ups to max out, finish last couple reps on knees, 3x

Alt standing dumbbell rows, 20 reps 3x

Superset, 3 rounds: Reverse fly on the incline bench, 12 reps; dumbbell flys on a flat bench, 12 reps

Core superset, 3 rounds: Crossover mountain climbers, 12 reps, 6 each side; rotational leg kicks, 12 reps, 6 each side

DAY 3: HIIT arms, Outside shoulders, Core

Warmup: Assault Bike, 5 minutes

HIIT Assault bike, 5x for 20 seconds, with 20 seconds off

Alt biceps curl, 16 reps, 8 each side, 3x

Triceps skull crusher, 12 3x

Superset, 3 rounds: Cable bicep curl, 12 reps; tri push down, 12 reps

Superset, 3 rounds: Double bicep curl flat back, 10 reps; lateral raise, 12 reps

Hollow hold, 45 seconds 3x

DAY 4: HIIT lower body, Core

Warmup: Treadmill, 5 minutes; HIIT Deadmill sprints, 3x for 30 seconds

Leg press, 12 reps 3x

Bulgarian split squat, 20 reps, 10 reps on each side, 3x

Swiss ball superset, 3 rounds: Knee tuck, 12 reps; side to side, 12 reps, 6 on each side

Superset, 3 rounds: Hamstring curl, 12 reps; hip thrust, 12 reps

Stability ball pass, 20 reps 3x

DAY 5: Upper Body, Core

Warmup: Assault Bike, 5 minutes

Superset, 3 rounds: Close-grip pulldown, 20 reps; lateral raise, 15 reps

Superset, 3 rounds: Dumbbell rotation, 16 reps, 8 each side; push-ups on a bench, 12 reps

Superset, 3 rounds: Straight-arm pulldown, 12 reps; dumbbell straight-shoulder raises, 10 reps

Dragon kicks, 15 reps, 3x

some pics  during the workout

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Workout

Gal Gadot Workout