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Further drop in number of new cases of Covid-19 as latest figures are confirmed

The latest Covid-19 figures fell for the second day in a succession, indicating the Omicron wave’s peak had passed.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre says it has been notified of 17,065 verified cases as of Friday evening.

At 8 a.m., there were 1023 Covid-19 patients, 83 in ICU.

“We have witnessed remarkable levels of adoption of the Covid-19 vccine in Ireland,” stated Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health. 59 percent of adults here had received a booster dose, compared to 32 percent nationally “Europe-wide.”
For the last several weeks, Covid-19 vaccinations have provided tremendous protection to the most vulnerable and our health system, with the booster dosage restoring protection against severe disease to 90%. Currently, only 20% of patients in intensive care have “”oosted

Dr. Holohan claims that persons who have been boosted are less susceptible to infection and less contagious than those who have not been boosted.

“Those who have not yet had a booster vaccine should make an appointment with vaccination clinics, GPs, or pharmacies. In addition, individuals who have not yet received a vaccine should do so as quickly as possible. They are still vulnerable to Covid-19 without vaccination.