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Five simple Veganuary ideas from Nourish

MORE PLANT-BASED FOODS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. It can assist enhance gut health while also being more eco-friendly. This week, Nourish Health Food Store provides five easy Veganuary alternatives.
We are now spoiled for choice in plant-based milk replacements. Try Oatly Barista oat milk for silky smooth foam in your daily coffee.
Veganism doesn’t mean you have to give up chocolate. Chocolate lovers are spoiled for options. Nobó makes tasty chocolate slabs, while Ombar makes sumptuous vegan chocolate truffles.
It’s not easy to find a meat-free counterpart for every meat, but there are some wonderful options. Brown lentils are wonderful in Bolognese or Shepherd’s Pie. We also substitute chickpeas for chicken in curry.
Looking for tasty (and healthy) snacks? Nut butters are high in protein and make a satisfying snack on toast or oatcakes. We prefer chopped banana and jam on top.
Many beauty products contain animal by-products, which may surprise you. Switch to a vegan lip balm or hand cream from Nourish this month. Made in Tipperary from natural plant oils and vegetable waxes, these plant-based cosmetics soothe and protect all skin types.
Nutritious is located in Limerick’s Jetland Shopping Centre.