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FINAL GOODBYE Our hearts are shattered – we’re shocked, confused, angry and looking for answers, tragic Lisa Thompson’s funeral hears

Tragic mum-of-two Lisa Thompson’s funeral was held today.

The 52-year-old was stabbed 12 times before her remains were found in Ballymun on May 10.

Lisa spent most of her life at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Ballymun, Co. Dublin.

She attended the local primary school and was remembered as “friendly and caring”

Fr. Declan Blake spoke to St Pappins Parish mourners about Lisa’s violent death.

“We gather in sadness for Lisa Thompson’s funeral mass. In this sad time, we pray for her family. Two weeks have been harsh.


 Our hearts are shattered – we’re shocked, confused, angry and looking for answers, tragic Lisa Thompson’s funeral hears


“Lisa’s violent death has broken our hearts. We’re shocked, confused, angry, and seeking answers.

“Ballymun was Lisa’s hometown. Growing up, she was a friendly, caring person with big dreams.

“Ashley (Lisa’s sister) wants to be a legal secretary. Lisa was a fair-and-just person.

“Lisa was very young when her fiance Michael died of illness, and she never got over it.

Lisa did youth work. She enjoyed working in the old administration.

Bernadette read and Lisa’s friends read the Prayers of the Faithful.

An iPad symbolized Lisa’s “great love for music,” and A photo represented her love for Kyle and Brooke.

Fr. Blake praised Kyle and Brooke’s strength and said their mother would stay close.

“Even though your mom had her ups and downs, as we all do, she really, really loved you, Kyle and Brooke,” he told funeral-goers.


 Our hearts are shattered – we’re shocked, confused, angry and looking for answers, tragic Lisa Thompson’s funeral hears



“She was so proud of both of you and your accomplishments,” you both said. I am aware that the past few weeks have been very challenging for you, and that this period of time is very, very challenging for you.

“But, you showed your inner strength, how strong the two of you are, and all of us here are really, really proud of you both.” “But, you showed your inner strength, and how strong the two of you are.”

“Your mother will never leave you; she’ll be looking down on you from above, and she’ll always be very, very close to you. She’ll never leave you. And as you already know, your mother Lisa has arrived in Heaven, where she is completely content and at rest.

“But we have no business being here today. The unexpected tragedy and brutality of Lisa’s death shocked not only her family but also the wider community.

“Human life is valuable, human life is sacred, and it is extremely immoral to take any human life in any circumstance.” And as a society, we have a responsibility to pause and ask ourselves, “Why are we hearing of so many deaths caused by violence?”

“There was yet another one last night; therefore, what exactly is going wrong here?”


Fr. Blake offered his condolences to Kyle and Brooke, Lisa’s mother Bernadette, and Ashley and Stefan.

Also to her aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, extended family, relatives, and close friends. And father Thomas.

“On behalf of the family, thanks for coming today. Your presence is a source of strength and comfort in times like these.”

Kyle’s family comforted him as he sobbed during the final goodbye.

Privately burying Lisa.

Online condolences poured in for the “lovely” mom.

Someone wrote, “What a cruel world. Lisa was wonderful. “Relax”

Rest in peace, Lisa, you were the best. Love and hugs to heaven from the kindest, most caring friend. Beautiful friend, I’ll never forget you.

“PS I Love You, as you always wrote, sleep tight. Everlasting love.”

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