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Feud between families escalates after shots are fired during confrontation in Cork city

The feud between families escalates after shots are fired during a confrontation in Cork city

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A FEUD between members of two families escalated after shots were fired during a confrontation at a house in the Mahon area of Cork city.

According to eyewitnesses, a gang of up to six men dressed in hoods or balaclavas and dark clothing arrived in the area at around 5 p.m. on Sunday in a people carrier, according to eyewitnesses.

Gardai have asked anyone with information to come forward

They approached a house in the Ravensdale Close estate, and a gunshot was heard shortly afterward.

There was a melee on the green with several men engaged in a pitched battle before those who arrived in the estate fled in the people carrier.


It’s understood that a similar vehicle was stopped by Gardai in Cork city shortly afterward, and several weapons were seized.

There have been no injuries reported due to the terrifying incident, which has left residents shocked and frightened, and a forensic examination is now taking place.

According to sources, the feud has been escalating over the past six months with threats and calling out of factions posted on social media.

Frightened residents looked out from their homes to see men attacking each other with various weapons, including slash hooks, large knives, pitchforks, and other implements.

Locals reported it as “a pitched battle between the warring factions.”


While it was reported that no one was injured in the gun incident onlookers, have said that at least one man was seen being rushed off in a vehicle with obvious slash injuries to his neck.

Many videos circulate the incidents, and Gardaí have appealed to people with mobile phone footage of the incident.

A source said, “This has gone out of all control, and the fear now is that someone will be killed. Even more worrying is that that someone could be an innocent bystander.

“They are using social media as a means to threaten each other, but those threats have escalated to ones of extreme violence in the past few weeks.

“The feud has been festering and going out of control, and there will be no happy ending about all this.

“Gardai were quickly on the scene and had been carrying out a forensic examination of a large area on the green and at the house.”

Gardai are now monitoring social media platforms after members of one family believed to be involved in the feud posted videos taunting their rivals and calling them out.


Detectives believe the shooting is linked to a continuing feud that saw five people arrested after a shot was fired at armed Gardaí as they were entering a house on the Rochestown Road.

A search of that premises later resulted in discovering two improvised firearms and ammunition, several petrol bombs, and an assortment of other weapons, including axes, cleavers, hatchets, and pikes.

Two people have been charged and have appeared in court in connection with that incident.