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FERAL FIGHTING 24/7 Garda presence needed on Dublin city streets to stop ‘feral youths’ says Temple Bar boss

According to GARDAI, “feral youngsters acting the maggot” must be “blitzed” 24/7 on Dublin’s streets.

Temple Bar boss Martin Harte has called for extra Gardai to help quell recent riots, as some pubs close early to avoid the violence.


temple bar fight


A group of “unsupervised, drunk” youths came into town on Saturday night, and gardai had to deal with them again. In the south inner city, 26 people were arrested for public order on Saturday night.

‘We want to have a healthy thriving city without people spoiling it for others,’ he said in an interview with the Irish Sun.


temple bar fight


“Gardai need to blitz the site, and we need to be there all the time. In order to keep the peace, we must have an extremely visible presence.

Every single day of the week. Not just on the weekends. With tough penalties and zero tolerance for misbehavior, they must be dealt with.”

According to the Irish Sun, gardai made a “strict enforcement” decision that resulted in 26 arrests in the city’s south inner city.

As many as six minors and a 15-year-old girl were found intoxicated and unsupervised on the streets of the town,” one person stated.

Many more unsupervised teens were pouring into the city. The decision was made to implement a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinkers who are extremely drunk.

This type of behavior is unacceptable, and the arrests send that message.

This week’s bloodshed has been “very terrible,” Green Party candidate Claire Byrne claimed, and she asked for a night mayor to cooperate with the police.

“Last weekend, the city dramatically altered,” she said in an interview with the Irish Sun. People were out and about, having fun and catching up with friends they hadn’t seen in a while.



In light of the weekend’s setbacks, I was particularly disappointed. It’s time for more.

Dublin’s pandemic has increased the importance of this issue, but it’s not a new issue; it’s just that it’s been heightened because of the pandemic.”

Several fights have broken out in and around Dublin’s South William Street and Exchequer Street in the last several weeks.

On Saturday, at about 5.30 pm, a large-scale fight broke out on Grafton Street, and terrified customers fled in terror.

The fight was organized by Balbriggan’s fighting teenagers.

An 18-year-old male victim was airlifted to St. James’ Hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg.



Last week, up to 30 people gathered for a fight in the middle of the street, prompting “investigations,” according to the Irish police.

Fights and reports of glasses being thrown at restaurant staff were also reported in Temple Bar.

It’s been like this in the city center for the first time ever, one source said.

Following a Thursday night attack on South William Street bar staff, three young men were taken into custody on Friday.

Investigators are still looking for the fourth person seen in the videos that have been circulating on the internet.

Harte, CEO of the Temple Bar Company, said that while anti-social behavior isn’t as bad as it used to be, there needs to be a huge increase in Garda visibility before it gets any worse.



According to him, the “tables and chairs plan really improved the area” and “there have been many positives over the last couple of weeks in places like Essex St and Parliament Street where you could have been anywhere in the world.

“However, the city as a whole continues to exhibit this behavior.

Compared to what we saw on South William Street and Temple Bar just a few weeks ago, things aren’t nearly as bad now.

“It must be eradicated and dealt with in the long term.”

This was a bigger issue six years ago, and Martin doesn’t want it to happen again.

To be honest, there’s always been a bit of trouble, and for lack of a better term, feral youths coming into the city and acting like maggots.

It was largely eliminated and we want a healthy and vibrant city without people ruining it for others.



However, these things seem to be a flash group that comes around, wrecks havoc, and then disappears,” he continued.

Having a larger Garda presence in the city center will be critical as we get up and running.

A lot of money has been invested in many areas since Covid, but I’m not sure how many police officers have been hired.

Police say “the city’s future is at stake.”

There is no problem with the vast majority of people coming into the south inner city. “We’re doing our best to keep everyone safe, but our resources are limited.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Dublin’s streets buzzing with activity earlier in the day, with people relaxing on the sidewalks and enjoying the warm weather.

“But around 8 p.m., hundreds of young people, mainly teenagers, arrived out of nowhere, seemingly intent on causing mayhem.”

“All of a sudden, the mood shifted and became threatening and intimidating. It was heartbreaking to see Dublin in such a state of disrepair.



I couldn’t wait for us to be free and back in our own beds. So many businesses have waited a long time to get up and running and now they’re faced with this. It’s not fair to the Gardai, either.

According to one anonymous pub owner, the Gardai had warned him that they were expecting trouble and that they would be closing early as a precaution.

he said: “The Gardai told us they were expecting it all to kick off again, so we’re going to close up at 9 pm, it’s just not worth it at the moment.

That we now have to shut down early after being closed for so long is terrible. And they’re all people you wouldn’t expect to see out on the town for a night out before Covid came along.

“It’s all about causing trouble for them because they can’t find a place to eat anywhere in town.” “It’s a shame that they’re ruining it for everyone,”

Martin Harte said social media is also a factor, and he added that police should be stationed at train stations where gangs congregate before heading into the city.

“We’ve been pounding the same drum for years, and saying that in order to change behavior, you need yellow jackets everywhere,” he continued.

Troublemakers need to be made aware that they’ll get in trouble for anything they do that isn’t just a fun TikTok video that gets a lot of attention and likes.

Likewise, the lack of resources in the Garda South Central Division worries the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors.

Operation Pier is currently taking place in the area and has already resulted in the seizure of numerous drugs and the arrest of several individuals suspected of other serious crimes.


temple bar fight


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