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Farmer Michael and Kathleen: If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

Stevo and Sinead are online comedy success stories as Farmer Michael and Kathleen. This weekend they’re in UCH. Stevo spoke to the Limerick Post.

Stevo and his partner Sinead have climbed to comedic success in a few years presenting their short, quick bursts of humour weekly in the guise of Farmer Michael and Kathleen.

Video taken with Stevo’s smartphone in his car. Sinead tapes the sketch and sets Farmer Michael off on another rant.

With ‘Come Out You Black and Tans’ playing in the background, Farmer Michael recently called out Leo Varadkar.

‘How to inform an Irishman you have a ‘gay’ relative’ and ‘There are no alcoholics in Ireland!’ are among their greatest and most entertaining.

The pair recorded a video in February 2018 with Farmer Michael’s car full with bread – ‘The Beast from the East is coming!!! – We’ll all die Kathleen. It went viral (we had nothing else to do that week!) and the pair haven’t looked back.

They’ve been touring since the videos went viral, and Limerick is a favourite stop for the Galway-based duo.

“We have played Limerick the most. They’re great. “A good crowd!” According to Stevo.

Journalists and TV have recently discovered their comedy, JOE.

The Irish Independent, The Star, The Sun, and The Mirror routinely include them, as well as RTE, TV3, CNN, FOXtv, and SKY TV.

Stevo would rap as a local farmer in school. He persuaded his brother to record him on his phone for fun, posted it on Facebook, and the reaction led to Farmer Michael and Kathleen.

Their social media presence continues to increase, led by Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The live show is full with storytelling and famous sketches are always present.

“The crowd yells for their favourite. You find your way as you go.”

So Stevo has worked as a farmer?

“No. Never farmed. My parents were farmers.”

After school, Stevo studied accounting.

“I did accounting. Horrible. “I loathed it.” Laughs.

Stevo was a painter when he was injured in a motorcycle accident in the mid-2000s. Today he uses crutches and a wheelchair.

For this reason, many Farmer Michael and Kathleen admirers are unaware of his predicament.

Stevo’s email inbox was flooded with bullying and even death threats after their sketch ‘Disabled people should be kept in homes, Kathleen!’ sparked outrage.

The fact that Stevo found humour in his own predicament and that the video was hashtagged with makewayday (awareness of the challenges faced by disabled persons) seemed to go unnoticed.

‘I hope you never wind up in a wheelchair’ was a common comment.

“They got thick, thinking I mocked wheelchair users.

“F*ck off.

“You must humiliate yourself. “Don’t cry, laugh.” Tolerance for trolls is not always easy for Stevo.

“There would always be one or two. You disregard 199 positive remarks to find the one that catches you. I guess that’s your style.”

He and Sinead have performed live in Limerick numerous times and always had a terrific time. Her involvement is crucial in making us all laugh at the rude, racist, sexist Farmer Michael.

“She is indispensable. She keeps me in check. ‘Shut up Michael!’ she says when I go off on a rage.