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Family of murdered Limerick man hope retrial will go ahead in May

Molly and Tom Martens’ retrial for the murder of Limerick father-of-two Jason Corbett is expected in May.

According to prosecutor Garry Frank, the father and daughter will be convicted of Mr Corbett’s murder a second time, in what will likely be North Carolina’s longest non-capital murder trial.

Jason Corbett (39), a native of Janesboro, was murdered in August 2015 by his second wife Molly Martens (38) and her father, retired FBI agent Tom Martens (71).

Mr Corbett died while his two young children, Jack and Sarah, slept.

In 2017, after a five-week trial in Davidson County Superior Court, the jury found the defendant guilty unanimously.
The Martens were given a retrial in April and were released on $200,000 bail. Mr Corbett had attacked the Martens and their lawyers claimed the trial judge had withheld important information from the jury that would have supported their self-defence claim.

Mr Corbett was asleep when he was attacked by Mr Martens with a metal baseball bat and Ms Martens with a concrete paving slab, the trial heard.

Their retrial came after they declined to plead guilty to a lower charge, resulting in a far shorter sentence (possibly another 12 months).

The retrial will accept testimony from Mr Corbett’s two children, which was previously barred.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick died of asthma in 2006, leaving Mr. Corbett to raise their two children. Molly Martens met Mr Corbett in 2011 while nannying his two kids.

Mr Corbett’s family said Ms Martens staged his death because he refused to make her legal guardian of his children and planned to leave her and return to Limerick with them.

Convictions were overturned because the initial trial judge refused to admit into evidence statements gathered from the children by social workers in August 2015.

both defendants were sentenced to 20-25 years in jail.