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Everything You Need to Know About the Air Foamposite

Are you in the market for new sneakers?

With regular wear, a pair of sneakers will last only up to 12 months. That’s if you know how to take care of your footwear. Chances are, you already have a pair that’s due for replacement.

Nike is one of the most popular shoe brands that deliver in both style and quality. It’s no wonder why they control over 50% of the world’s market in footwear. With that in mind, why not consider the Air Foamposite while shopping for new shoes?

It’s among the newest lines of sneakers that Nike released as the 20th century was coming to a close. While it wasn’t popular during its debut, its consistent quality made it desirable for athletes during practice and/or in games. Continue reading what we’ve prepared below to learn more about the Nike Air Foamposite today.

The NBA Had Something to Do With Its Poor Initial Sales

Nike’s first iteration of the Air Foamposite was to be the most comfortable sneakers anyone could wear on the court. While it was an impressive pair of sneakers to wear during a game, sales didn’t do well initially. This was because the first team to wear the prototypes, the Arizona Wildcats, had a bad lineup ahead of them.

They had to go against the favorites of the tournament they were playing in around that time. Despite all odds, though, Arizona pulled through and won the entire tournament. However, this didn’t mean the Foamposites would step on the national court soon.

A major factor was because the NBA didn’t like how they looked. The Air Foamposite One had a blue hue that wasn’t a fit for the court. It didn’t even have enough black hues to match the Orlando Magic uniform before.

However, enough people bought a Foamposite to keep the series alive. Soon enough, Nike made more designs that fit popular uniforms and the general look of the court. You’ll have many colors and designs to choose from when you shop for Foamposites for yourself.

Limited Stocks Helped Sell the Original Design

While it didn’t do well in the USA, the sneakers were popular around the rest of the world. Part of the appeal was because of how limited the stocks were. In Sweden, for example, Nike only released 150 pairs of sneakers in the country.

Nike took the NBA’s reception of the Foamposite sneakers into consideration when releasing them worldwide. They knew the NBA’s reaction would influence many fans around the world. Limiting the pairs stores had on hand drove people to buy them for fear of missing out.

Nike was successful in their marketing campaign that people went crazy for the sneakers. As soon as stores stocked up on Foamposites, customers immediately grabbed a pair. The hype this produced helped save the Foamposite’s reputation despite the NBA’s influence.

Design Was Experimental and Unique

The Foamposite’s design is unique even by today’s standards. It helps the sneakers become as aerodynamic as they can be. Users have no problems jumping and maneuvering through the air with these on.

Most people don’t know that Nike adopted the sneaker’s design from beetles. The ribbed design mimics a beetle’s underside. Original Foamposites also take their metallic blue hue from these insects.

Nike’s design choice showcases how aerodynamic the sneakers are. It also signifies how durable they are, like the armored insects they mimic.

It’s also rumored that Scottie Pippen was the supposed recipient of the original Foamposites. Some speculate that Nike would have then named them Air Foamposites 33 if all went as planned.

Manufacturing Was a Nightmare

Everyone thought that the Nike Air Foamposite one would ruin the footwear industry. Around this time, leather and rubber were the go-to materials for any kind of footwear. Foamposites were unique in that they used only plastic-based materials during their manufacturing process.

Nike approached many companies with the shoe concept but couldn’t find one that could do it. It was only when they approached Daewoo, the Korean car company, that production could begin.

Daewoo figured out how they could use and hold polyurethane, the material used for Foamposite uppers. Polyurethane starts as a liquid and was difficult to handle before. With Daewoo’s technologies, polyurethane could settle and thicken in molds, ready for use.

This makes the upper durable, but it comes at the price of breathability. The only breathability the sneakers have comes from the tongue made from a high-quality mesh material.

Midsoles Are Five Times More Durable

There’s no way a regular midsole would last thanks to how different the molded upper is. To compensate, Nike made a midsole five times thicker than the traditional midsole.

This provides the user with extreme comfort when wearing these sneakers. Modern versions, like the Air Foamposite Pro, also have the Zoom Air cushioning system. It’s underneath a carbon fiber plate that keeps it in place and makes the midsole more durable.

Their Weight Makes Them Ideal for Training

When first worn, players will notice that these sneakers are heavier than most. Many will feel uncomfortable with this, but it makes these sneakers great for training speed. Players will eventually get used to it and will not feel any extra weight during their games.

Users will also feel the sneakers are rigid at first. The molded upper will take time before you can break it in. At the start, though, it provides you with the utmost protection for your feet.

The rigid upper holds your feet in place as you jump, run, and sprint. It helps you avoid common basketball injuries, like ankle injuries during your games.

What’s great is that Foamposites will only become more comfortable over time. It doesn’t lose its durability as you break it in, too. This makes for high-quality sneakers that are worth every dollar you spend on them.

Learn All You Need to Know About the Air Foamposite Today

Knowing what the Air Foamposite offers can help you with your decision when buying new sneakers. Learn about the interesting history of the Nike Air Foamposite and what it can offer you. See what makes them such a great fit for you today!

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