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Everything you need to know about sex drive

Everyone has a normal sex desire. It might rise or fall due to several circumstances.

Learn why some people have a high or low sex drive, and how to boost it.


The desire to engage in sexual activities is referred to as libido. The urge for sex decreases as libido increases.

Causes of higher sex drive

Some causes of increased sex drive include:

Exercising: One study found that active adults have increased sex desires.
Drug-taking: Stimulants like cocaine can boost libido.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. Parkinson’s patients can have dopamine replacement treatment. Sexual compulsions and hypersexuality result.
Stronger testosterone levels in men may be linked to higher sex desires, according to previous study.

Causes of lower sex drive

Many factors contribute to reduced sex drive, including:


Studies looking at female libido highlight that during menopause, sexual hormones decrease. This can cause a decline in sex drive and arousal.

Culture and religion

Restrictive religious or cultural beliefs may reduce sexual desire.

Mental health

Males and females with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, may be more prone to sexual dysfunction. This can reduce sex urge.


Age affects a person’s sex drive. Review According to Trusted Source, libido declines after the age of 60.


Obesity has been linked to sexual dysfunction, which may lead to decreased sex drive.

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, can cause sexual dysfunction, which may reduce sex drive.

One study highlights that both the biological effects of diabetes, such as nerve damage, paired with the psychological effects, such as self-image and tiredness, can decrease libido.


During pregnancy, women tend to restrict sexual activity, according to one study. One of the key reasons was a loss of libido.

Relationship satisfaction

According to one study, female libido may decrease depending on relationship satisfaction.


Medicines and treatments can reduce a person’s sex drive. Among them:

Chemotherapy can diminish testosterone levels in men, reducing sex drive. Chemotherapy can reduce libido in women by causing early menopause.

Female hormonal contraceptive: A analysis of women and hormonal contraceptives shows that

It may reduce libido:

injectable contraceptive ring
Antidepressants have been linked to decreased sex drive in the past.

How to increase sex drive

Some people can improve their sex drive by doing the following:

Sex therapy

A sex therapist can help with sex issues. They can assist people attain orgasm as well as improve sex drive.

Increase sleep

Females who slept longer had more sexual desire the next day, according to one study.


Aromatic herbs Supplements like yohimbine and Eurycoma longifolia may help boost male sex drive. Strawberry, chocolate, and raw oysters may also be aphrodisiacs.


Exercising can boost libido. Mindfulness and yoga.

Testosterone therapy

Testosterone therapy may help older males restore sexual drive.

The research on testosterone treatment and female sexual desire varies. According to a 2016 study, it is unlikely to stimulate female sexual desire, but it may increase libido in females.

More research is needed on testosterone and sex drive in females.

What is a normal sex drive

View sex drive as a spectrum. What one person considers normal may not be so for another. Sex desire can change, affecting libido.

Sex desire might become extraordinarily strong or incredibly low. A sexual functioning disorder includes:

Female sexual interest/arousal disorder (FSIAD): A lack of sexual desire that is not caused by a medical disease or medication.

FSIAD is treated with counselling or medication.

Compulsive sexual behaviour is listed in the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Intense, recurrent sexual cravings or impulses that culminate in repetitive sexual conduct.


What is typical for one individual may not be normal for another.

There are various reasons why someone’s sex drive may be high or low, or fluctuate. Medication, age, and chronic illnesses can all impact it.

Exercise, sex therapy, and adequate sleep are all strategies to improve libido.

Concerned about changes in libido? Talk to your doctor.