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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Real estate Investments

Real Estate sector has provided a great platform for investors to diversify their investment portfolio and earn good returns. If you are planning to invest in this sector, commercial real estate can offer some best opportunities where you can invest strategically and make a difference in your life. According to industry experts, the real estate market will grow to 65 000 crores by 2040. However it’s just an assumption by experts but even if reaches somewhere around the above mentioned figure, there are great possibilities to explore in it. Commercial real estate covers a wide variety of structures where you can invest but before that, you need to get in detail about their scope, need, and feasibility to invest. In this segment, we will discuss some important categories of commercial real estate where you can invest and get secured against uncertainties in life.


This is surely one of the most common segments where investors prefer to invest their money. Whether a small five-unit building or a huge multistoried tower, everyone needs them in today’s fast-paced lives to dwell. Flats/Apartments in Gurgaon offer you good returns where tenants will an agreed amount at regular intervals, which eventually becomes a constant source of income for you. Apartments are known for their best cash-flows which they offer to their investors, moreover, these are easily financed by different banks and are easy to find everywhere. You can invest fully or partially in this depending on your budget and investing intuitions.


This another promising segment where you can invest your hard-earned money. You can develop good relations with top corporate giants and even with emerging businesses. The best part about investing in offices is that the tenants will pay for all maintenance and repairs for the entire premise which they undertake, they also pay for the insurance and other real estate taxes liable for a commercial premise. You can choose the duration for which you will offer your property for use of any business. Investing in offices has several other benefits like you don’t need to work much harder as everything is taken good care by the business that takes your property for use.

Retail Stores

It is almost same just like investing in an office. Retail centers and malls offers the best opportunity to ensure good and increased returns over time. Just like investing in an office, all expenses are incurred on the tenant’s end. Just like flats/apartments in Gurgaon, as the rate for which you have given your property for use increases, your returns keep getting better and there is always a chance of increase only in such investments. The only thing is, you have to be careful while preparing and signing the deed and try to cover all legal aspects so that you don’t face any hindrance further.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and resorts offer one of the greatest platforms in real estate where you can make huge profits by investing in them. There is a high income from any hotel’s operating cash flow and this assures you to get high and increased returns with every passing day. However, this is the segment where your investment skills are tested thoroughly as there are many risks and challenges associated with it. The knowledge of hospitality industry and asset management keeps equal importance in defining the success of your returns. It’s a good platform for ensuring tax efficiency as well. Deciding concepts like equity growth and tax-free exchange well in advance through a deed can pay rich dividends. Unlike flats/apartments in Gurgaon, it is best suited for investment recapitalization. Investments in hotels and resorts can be effectively used to refinance your debts and pull out cash that is not taxable.

Land Development

An open piece of land can offer immense possibilities to do whatever you want with it. If you just jump into a land purchase without actually planning for it, it may teach you a good lesson as well. It is advised to start investing in real estate with a land that is undeveloped and is not fit to build anything on it straightaway. This will help you in getting easy approvals and later increase its value as per your wish and use it as you want. It is better to start small and give yourself enough time to decide its best use for future returns that longs last. There are certain approvals and legal considerations by the local governments regarding open lands depending on their size and location. Hence, it always better to invest in it and develop insights for its best use.

Investing in the commercial real estate sector requires a thorough understanding of the scope, legal considerations, and functioning of business units. As you are going to deal with professionals, hence, you have to be very specific and precise while making a deal.