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STRONG MESSAGE Tough 27-year sentence for Irish child porn sicko Eric Eoin Marques hailed by cops and sex abuse victim groups

Police and victims groups say Eric Eoin Marques’ prison sentence sends a powerful message to sex animals.

A US court sentenced Evil Marques, the world’s largest facilitator of child abuse photos, to 27 years in prison.


eric eoin marques dublin


The 36-year-old from Dublin pleaded guilty to operating an anonymous web hosting service to promote child abuse photos.

A plea deal called for the monster to get 21 to 27 years in prison.

At a sentencing hearing on Wednesday, Judge Theodore Chuang gave the fiend a 27-year sentence.

“Truly vile” was the judge’s description of the act, and he called Marques the “kingpin” of child abuse videos.

And now, the CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Center expressed gratitude for the sentence’s length.

For a long period of time, Noeline Blackwell had committed a very serious crime and was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

It is impossible to imagine a crime more heinous than the exploitation and abuse of children, and the facilitation by criminals of profiting from that horrific maltreatment.

Blackwell said the sentence conveyed a “clear message” that the law treats crimes involving the abuse of children, even young children, seriously.

As a result, “I believe it sends out a message to everyone—who looks at that sort of child abuse, whoever spreads that kind of abuse, and who pays for it—everyone involved in this kind of illegal behavior.”



By operating an anonymous web hosting service, Marques had pled guilty to a conspiracy to promote child abuse photos.

When he agreed to a plea deal, Marques admitted that he conspired to sell child abuse photos on the darknet between July 2008 and July 2013.

In 2013, Marques, a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, was detained in Dublin and extradited to the United States by Irish authorities.

About two million of those 8.5 million photographs on his anonymous web hosting site involved children whose identities had not been revealed, according to the prosecution.

The head of the Garda National Protective Services Bureau, Detective Chief Superintendent Declan Daly, lauded the sentence as “a major one that reflects the devastation done to children” today.

It was Daly’s account of how gardai were involved in the investigation’s early stages that “laid the groundwork for the conviction,” he said.

It was highlighted by the detective chief superintendent that the perverted perverts who engage in the online abuse of minors leave a trace.

To this end, Ireland’s chief officer vowed that gardai were “dogged in their determination” to track down the sickos responsible for these heinous acts.

Supt Daly stated, “Everyone who engages in any online activity leaves a trace, we identify that, where they are based, and we’re dogged in our determination to discover those people who live in Ireland.

A Garda Sochána works closely with the FBI Homeland Security, Europol, and Interpol to identify victims who target children as part of worldwide police cooperation for child abuse offenses.

In these incidents, “the level of police collaboration involved in these cases reveals the extent to which the investigation into these actions was extensive.”



When asked whether the sentencing of Marques should serve as a warning to those considering child abuse, Detective Daly said it should.

According to him, Marques was wrong to imagine that gardai or US authorities were too busy or unlikely to pursue him, and this should serve as a deterrence.

In other words, “and anyone else involved in the abuse of children will also be wrong if they imagine that external borders will safeguard them.”

The Detective Chief Superintendent emphasized that child abuse imagery “is not a victimless crime” and asserted that people who physically harm children are on par with those who commit child abuse images.

Child abuse imagery has a prevalent fallacy, Detective Daly said. “It is not true that those participating in child abuse images are not physically or actively assaulting the children,” he said.

“This line, in my opinion, demonstrates that images of child abuse are dependent on supply and demand. A child is sexually molested somewhere in the globe, and consequently, everyone involved is responsible.”

According to Det Chief Supt Daly, the FBI has identified a large number of children as a result of Marques’s activity, and those children have been contacted and are receiving the support they need.

It was not possible to locate any youngsters in Ireland.

Before leaving the United States, Marques must notify gardai of his desire to travel to Ireland, which Judge Chuang instructed him to do after he is freed from prison.


eric eoin marques dublin


When Marques returns to the department, Det Chief Supt Daly says he will be treated as a high-risk sex offender.

Jonathan Lenzner, acting U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland, praised all individuals involved in the case, particularly the Irish law enforcement authorities, An Garda Sochána, and Europol.

Eric Marques’s punishment “sends a strong message that no matter where you are in the world law enforcement will hold you accountable and bring you to justice,” FBI associate director Calvin Shivers said in a statement.


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