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Emi Wong Workout Plan, age, height, weight, Youtube

Emi Wong is a fitness YouTuber, influencer, and online personality. Asia’s top fitness influencer is Emi Wong.

She has 5 million YouTube subscribers. Many people wonder about Emi Wong’s fitness routine. Read on for Emi Wong’s workout.

Emi Wong workout



Emi Wong Workout Plan

Fitness influencer Emi Wong. Her website features many free workout routines and programs. Emi Wong’s YouTube channel details her workouts and other healthy activities. Many wonders if she does it. Emi Wong works out? So I watched her videos.

I searched for a while before finding this video about Emi Wong’s health routine. Emi Wong stretches when she wakes up. Watching the video and stretching can prepare her. Emi Wong ate and jogged for 40 minutes. She then ran HIIT. Emi Wong does cardio daily. Emi Wong still does that routine since the video isn’t old.

Emi Wong offers cardio routines based on BTS, Blackpink, and other K-pop songs. She does HIIT and full-body workouts and gives fans workout plans and videos. You can follow her channel based on your preferences. I recommend this 45-minute full-body workout. Emi Wong’s best YouTube workout.

Emi Wong’s exercise consists of:

Emi Wong exercise


Emi Wong Cardio

Emi Wong does 40-60 minutes of cardio five to six days a week. Emi Wong’s other cardio routines include walking, dancing, and essential cardio. Stretch before this workout.

Emi Wong Hiit Workout

In the evening, you should devote 30-45 minutes of your time to completing the HIIT exercises that are included in her workout routines. You are free to choose any workout routine that is effective for you, but the one I suggest is a full-body workout that lasts for 45 minutes and consists of intervals of 40 seconds of effort followed by 20 seconds of rest.

It is truly one of the best workouts that Emi Wong has ever done. Do that instead of looking through the numerous workouts that she has posted on her website and YouTube channel.

Emi Wong age

How old is Emi Wong? She was born on January 20, 1992, in Toronto, Canada. She is 30 years of age as of 2022. She was raised in Hong Kong.

Emi Wong height

I’m 164 cm tall, but people ask why I look taller in some photos. Here are some tips on how I pose for abs and full-body selfies.
Natural light is best. Sidelight creates definition through shadows.
Take a deep breath, flex your belly, and twist your upper torso to one side.

3Shoulder and Arm Back: I like to put my non-holding hand on my waist with my shoulder and arm back – this makes my arm look slimmer.

Place one foot in front of the other, a few inches apart.

Emi Wong Height


5Invisible heels: Stand on the balls of your feet as if wearing heels to make your legs look longer and your body taller and slimmer.

6 Practice makes perfect; everyone has a good angle.

I’m not suggesting everyone pose and flex to make their bodies look better or that posed photos are more beautiful. Let us embrace our bodies in all forms, posed or not.

Emi Wong weight

and her weight is 60 KG. She always prefers morning or evening workouts at the gym and has a balanced diet routine provided by his instructor.

Emi Wong Youtube

YouTube provides users with an interactive platform where they can publish content that is both informative and entertaining, and then get paid for having their content viewed by other users. One of those people is Emi, and she is one of those people who has taken advantage of this opportunity to build herself and her brand.

Emi Wong youtube


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